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Fitness Inspo: 'Skinny Is Sexy' And Other Fitness Myths Erich Gonzales Refuses To Believe In!

Fitness Inspo: 'Skinny Is Sexy' And Other Fitness Myths Erich Gonzales Refuses To Believe In!

At the media launch of her latest MySlim endorsement, Erich Gonzales got real about one of the struggles that come with being in the spotlight. “The pressure (to look good) is always there kasi nakikita ako on TV and may mga nag-lo-look up sa akin,” she began. For Erich, everyone no matter the shape and size is beautiful in her own right. One might say it's a cliché to come out of the actress' mouth, but she stressed looking good has always been part of her confidence-boosting mechanism. Part of that is staying in shape, which she shared, has myths she has long wanted to debunk! Here are some of them!


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Skinny is sexy. “Hindi porket mapayat ka, sexy ka,” Erich said. How then does she define “sexy?" It’s not about its connection to her body and fitting the mold, but having a healthy mindset! Since last year, she has been working out with the goal of feeling good in mind. Through this, she can do more, think better, and train harder, and that's what being sexy means to her!

Being fit and healthy is a decision you make for a certain time. Erich believes exercise should be a part of your life. “It’s a decision na kailangang panindigan at pagdaanan," she revealed. It may require so much sweat and hard work, but taking steps towards making it a lifestyle could give your overall health and well-being a boost.

Cheat meals will only ruin your progress. For Erich, having cheat days is totally fine as long as you eat healthy for the rest of the week. “Huwag i-deprive ang sarili sa mga bagay na gusto mo din,” she stated, adding she manages to keep her figure despite having a sweet tooth!

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