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In Focus: Couples Who Will Totally Smash Our Belief In True Love If They Break Up

In Focus: Couples Who Will Totally Smash Our Belief In True Love If They Break Up



Real life love stories inspire us to cling to the concept of true love that belongs in fairytales and movies. Our parents are supposedly the original people who are supposed to show us what true love must look like, but, as you grow, you discover more relationships that add to your fantasy of happy ever after. One of the more prominent sources of real-life love stories, of course, are celebrities. You can tell that some of the strongest couples in the world are found in the limelight because they're able to make it work despite the controversies and pressure being thrown their way.


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So, you can imagine our surprise when Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan finally announced that they have chosen to go their separate ways. Sure, it was a mutual decision done in the name of love, but that doesn't mean it's not crushing our hearts! So many beloved and even iconic celebrity couples have been breaking up, and we'd surely give up on the idea of true love if any of these couples end up splitting, too! 

Beyonce & Jay Z


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Queen B and Jay-Z would basically live in the Buckingham Palace of the music scene if there ever was one because these two are the royal couple. Despite the controversies that have plagued them in the past, these two prove that love is not perfect and sometimes choosing to stay despite their mistakes is not stupid. It is what the ugly side of love looks like, and, nevertheless, it is still love.  

David & Victoria Beckham


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These two have each made it big on their own, but we never thought they could even be bigger than they already were until they got together. Rumor has it that the first time football star David Beckham saw Posh Spice in the "Wannabe" music video, he told his fellow player, "That's the girl i'm going to marry." Nearly two decades later, the two are still going strong in marriage with such a beautiful family. Talk about destiny!

Will & Jada Smith


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You may have seen Will Smith's "Tada!" or "i present to you" meme popping up the internet every now and then, and, sure, the actor's exaggerated flaunting is quite hilarious. However, let's never forget that his meme was actually cropped out of his legendary moment at the red carpet where he gave his wife the attention and adoration that she deserved not because she was his wife but because she was Jada Pinkett Smith for crying out loud! If that's not goals, we don't know what is!

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi


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Portia apparently had a hard time accepting her sexuality before the legendary Ellen DeGeneres came into her life. Just how beautiful is it to deny a part of yourself until that one perfect person comes in and teaches you to love all of you just as they do? A decade of marriage isn't an easy feat, but these two are still continuing to make it work and we might just die if one of the best LGBTQ+ couples in the world split!

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka


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During the past 14 years these two have been togeher, Neil and David have not only set the bar for family Halloween costumes, but they've also become role models to the LGBTQ+ community. Earlier this year, the two were reported to have been struggling after four years of marriage, but it was obviously nothing they couldn't get through as they only each posted a photo of them together, thanking each other for the best years of their lives so far!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler


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It broke all our hearts when we learned Troy and Gabriela's happy ever after did not translate from reel to real. Thank God Ashley Tisdale introduced these two because we have never seen Vanessa "Queen of Coachella" Hudgens happier than when she's with Austin Butler. What would we do with our lives if these two ever break up? That's six years of our lives invested in this love story down the drain, people!

Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus


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We all saw what happened to Miley in Liam's wake, how her despair and pain transformed her into something she wanted to bury and forget when the love of her life returned. Liam brings out the best in Miley and we hope he has finally let her in the rest of his life. The question of whether these two have already tied the knot or not just fuels the fire in our hearts. Please, don't break up again! 

We're all crossing our fingers and praying our hardest because these are only some of the couples that have set the bar when it comes to relationships. What is marriage if Will and Jada part ways? How will we ever believe in second chances if Liam leaves Miley again? We've totally set our goals on becoming as strong and successful  just as they are, and we might die of intense heartache if any of them break up! Who else makes you believe in forever?

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