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Cheat Sheet: Perfect Your Latte Art With This Award-Winning Barista's Tips!

Cheat Sheet: Perfect Your Latte Art With This Award-Winning Barista's Tips!

Making Instagram-worthy latte art may seem just as easy as drinking it. From watching online tutorials, you would think the process only includes coming up with your own style of pouring milk that would follow your chosen design without a hitch. But this has been proven to be a misconception after we got a firsthand experience of what it’s like during a latte art workshop at the #SBCCafeComunidad launch. In getting artsy with your coffee, award-winning barista Wency Dalanon highlighted four things you need to look into–milk, position, height, and control.

Milk. “Yung milk yung pinakang fate natin,” Dalanon said. After steaming it, the tap and swirl technique must be done with the pitcher to be able to maintain its consistency. The latte artist added, if the milk settles down for more than three minutes, it will acquire unwanted bubbles and have thinner texture, making it difficult for you to perfect your pattern!

Position. Slightly tilt the cup as you pour milk on the expresso to achieve balance with the foam. As you go along with it, you may straighten its position gradually and let it sit on a flat surface. Make sure to do this with care to avoid messing up your design!

Height. You also have to pay attention to the distance of the pitcher from the cup! If it isn’t done right, the details of your work will be left unclear and unappealing. Starting from a moderately high distance, move the pitcher towards the surface as you draw on your latte.

Control. It can be quite tricky to separate the milk from the expresso, and that’s when control plays a huge role in the process. Start by pouring a large amount of crema into the bottom of the cup and as it’s being filled, slowly wiggle the pitcher side by side. With the right amount of control, you can make your design evident and come up with your very own latte art! Make your mornings brighter by taking your coffee to the next level and go for a heart, tulip, or rosetta!

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