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Dan Villegas, Award-Winning Director Offers Success to His Lolo

Dan Villegas, Award-Winning Director Offers Success to His Lolo

Dan Villegas may have been a household name in the film industry since his blockbuster hits “The Breakup Playlist”, “English Only, Please”, “Bride for Rent”, and “She’s the One.” But what many people don’t know is that, while he directs beautifully, there are people behind him who contributed to all the great work that he does.

Dan, 33, graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with the course Interdisciplinary Studies and furthered his education at the Marilou Diaz Abaya Film Institute and the prestigious Berlinale Talents in Europe.

His most recent work, a video we picked up a week ago entitled “Grandma’s Little Angel” has been making rounds online for its poignant depiction of a lola - apo (grandmother-grandchild) relationship. This project with all its tear-jerking moments also somehow validates Dan’s relationship to his own family. “I was close to my own Lolo, so I wanted to make this for him,” he shares.

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Dan  reveals, “The first time I heard the concept for Grandma’s Little Angel, I was excited to shoot it. Everyone has a Lola, or someone they love, so this is highly relatable.”

Other than drawing inspiration from his Lola, Dan also shares some of his fond memories with his father. “My dad is an OFW, so we value precious limited time together. So during the weekends we always have a barbeque at our old house, and we had different responsibilities, from setting up the grill, to cooking to washing the dishes,” he relates.

Understandably so, when Dan directed the video, he wanted “the viewers to feel lucky that there are people who love them, and that they should tell their loved ones how appreciated and cherished they are.”

In the video “Grandma’s Little Angel”, a grandmother named Linda and her grandchild Kassie were seen bonding together making chocolates for their local shop. When it closed down, Kassie being inspired and determined to carry on what her lola started, grew up and opened a new chocolate shop. Overall, the video tells a story of family and business values showing that success is still sweeter when shared with the people you love.

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