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Hottie Alert: Get To Know This Up-And-Coming Model-Athlete Who Easily Personifies #PinayPower!

Hottie Alert: Get To Know This Up-And-Coming Model-Athlete Who Easily Personifies #PinayPower!

If you haven't heard of Faith Garcia, don't look away and read on. The young Filipina model-athlete is one of the new gens at the fore of #girlpower. Faith started making ripples as a beauty queen in her hometown Olongapo, before nabbing various modeling gigs including a stint at the Philippine Fashion Week and a chance to be paired with Gerald Anderson for lifestyle brand Skechers. The Bronze All World Athlete is currently looking to get the top spot at this year’s Century Tuna Superbods competition, to boot. More than just a pretty face, she has also joined some of the biggest triathlon expos in the country, standing out in a previously male-dominated sport.

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Wondering how she embodies the mantra "Go like never before?" Her secrets are not as complicated as others may be making it out to be!

It’s about having her priorities in order. “Getting through the hustle and bustle of my multifaceted career is tough,” Faith admits. Setting her priorities straight has been an important factor to her success as it helps her figure out the things that matter the most.


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Quitting is not in her vocabulary. Faith stressed that triathlon involves overcoming
possible obstacles during the race and giving your all, saying: “It’s not for the faint-
hearted and those who easily quit. It’s a trifecta of physical, emotional, and mental endurance.” Getting herself into the field has been difficult, she revealed, but she also considers it as one of the best decisions she has ever made because of how much it challenges her to be better.

She goes through life with the “you snooze, you lose” mindset. Faith manages to be an athlete and a model at the same time because when a great opportunity is presented toher, she does not turn her back on it. Rather, she seizes it as fast as she could as it might never knock at her door again!

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Photographs courtesy of Skechers and taken from Faith's Instagram account




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