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Hot Stuff: This Latest Nail Enhancement Trend Might Just Be The Next Big Kikay Breakthrough!

Hot Stuff: This Latest Nail Enhancement Trend Might Just Be The Next Big Kikay Breakthrough!

Pretty nails have always been a fetish of women and the appeal of the nail salon is immediately obvious: beautifully groomed nails painted to perfection are the true mark of a refined lady. This posits a conundrum for most, however. Most ladies have never enjoyed the luxury of having shiny, painted nails that last longer than a couple of hours. Through a combination of bad luck, their innate inability to sit perfectly still, and the occasional predeliction towards DIY and handcrafting, wrecked nails somehow foil their goals of ladylike hands. For those who require a more gentrified look, there are a few options in today's market. Women can attest to endless experimentations with brand after brand of nail polish that yield mostly lackluster results. For others, acrylic extensions are an intimidating option: anything involving chemical adhesives, buffing, and electric nail drills don't exactly spell healthy nail beds after all. Lastly, gel polish is just too damn effective, it's more than a little scary. What sort of substance remains chipless even after your nail growth starts pushing the color out?

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The elusive dream of having elegantly groomed nails seems more attainable with the latest innovation that arrived in the Philippines, Gelish™Polygel®. Touted to be a hybrid between hard gel and acrylic nails, this nail enhancement system keeps all the best features of the two while removing all the aspects that make them difficult to work with. Described to be lightweight and stronger than hard gels, the formulas are also blessedly free of noxious fumes and devoid of most of the toxic substances found in most nail enhancement systems.  

The hardest part of the entire process would be the waiting period. The whole procedure involves numerous, intricate steps and takes around four hours–perhaps even longer, depending on how fast your nail technicians work. Your nails would be buffed and cleaned, layers of adhesive applied with painstaking precision before attaching an acrylic extension cut to your preferred length. After the adhesive sets, a bead of the Gelish product is gently shaped to follow the natural curve of the nail bed. During the drying time, you will be a woman of leisure, rendered unable to so much as lift your own handbag, flip the pages of the magazine you are reading, or to even browse through the digital deluge of your phone messages. Passing away the time entails sitting back and enjoying a hand a foot massage, which is not a bad way to dally away the minutes.

The overall look is dainty, feminine but with a strength that belies its appearance: classic nails with uniform lengths softly glistening with a pinkish opaque shade. The results are as close to perfection as any manicure oaf can ever achieve, allowing women to enjoy their polish for weeks at a time without experiencing a single chip. Early testimonials report that the finished nails are sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of a woman's typical day. Gardening, laundry, and doing the dishes seem to have nary an effect on the laquered tips. To strip off the enhancements, one must head to an accredited parlor. The removal process is intricate in its own way: nails are sanded to break up the top layer, cotton balls doused in pure acetone stacked on top, and each nail covered with individual tin foil. Minutes later, everything will be gently pushed off and a regular manicure and pedicure restores nails to their original state.

For those reluctant to opt for gel polishes and acrylic extensions, Gelish Polygel is quite promising as an option, if one has the luxury of time to idle away in a nail salon. In this manner, Gelish Polygel does lend credence to the adage, "The best things in life are worth the wait." While the tediousness of the entire process from start to finish might give some pause to include it in their regular nail routines, this newfound discovery is definitely something worth considering, especially when you need your nails to be at their very best for an extended period of time.

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