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#ChalkAsks: What Was It Like Losing Your Virginity In Your Teenage Years?

#ChalkAsks: What Was It Like Losing Your Virginity In Your Teenage Years?



Your teenage years are meant for self-discovery which you could always look back to fondly. These are the years where you would experience most of your "firsts"–first love, first kiss, first heartbreak, and even your first sexual encounter. We can all agree that we still live in a conservative society that hasn’t fully accepted the idea of openly discussing sex among teenagers.

But as an adolescent who's experiencing the world in more ways than one, talking about this certain subject isn't something we should shy away from. Losing your virginity can be all sorts of nerve-wracking, and it's definitely not like the movies. Things can go in many different directions in a hot second, be it awkward, painful, or actually good if you're lucky. 

To show you that we all have diverse experience in this particular point in our lives, we ask people what it was like when they lost their virginity in their teens. From the good to the bad, here's how they've gone through their most memorable "first."

"I was 16 and had two factors in mind as to why I wanted to do it: 1.) self-confidence, 2.) change of view about sex and religion. Just a short back story—when I was in high school, I was already curious about these things but felt conscious because of my physical appearance. When got to college, everything turned 360 for me, including my perspective towards life, politics, and religion. I started questioning some of the teachings of Catholicism, and I think that’s when giving in to lust and my sexual desires began. I was very emotional when it happened since I’m a consistent scholar and the possiblity of being pregnant was not part of my plan. But I never regretted it–at least I know better now when it comes to satisfying my man. LOL!" —Cathy, 20

"I've been on Tinder for the past two to three years, but I never actually ended up meeting with much girls. Until eventually, when I was 16, I met someone. I think my hormones got the best of me because the only thing I could think of at that time was sleeping with her. Looking back now, I realized how much I regret going through that experience with no sort of emotion other than lust running through my veins." —Zaq, 19

"I was an angsty 14-year-old when I lost my virginity. I ran away from home and spent the night with my "boyfriend" and few other friends. I was completely shocked because I only realized that I lost my virginity after it happened. I was so embarrassed the next morning, so I ghosted him. We're still friends up to this day, but a part of me still gets embarrassed every time I see him!" —Ann, 21

"I lost it to my boyfriend when I was 15. Before it happened, we actually promised that we won’t do it before marriage since because we believe in the teachings of Christianity. Then the day came that we agreed that we just don’t care about our religion anymore, and we’ll just do it as long as it’s always safe and there’s a form of contraceptive." —Gabriella, 18

"Last year, an 18 year-old me had his first FUBU. I guess you get the picture. Looking back now, I do regret it because I gave it to someone I don't even have lukewarm feelings for. Before I lost my virginity, I promised myself that I will only give it to my future wife. If only I could take it back, I would since I still stand by my belief that you should give your virginity to the person you love not just with someone you 'lust.'" —John, 19

"I lost my virginity to my boyfriend at that time because I thought our relationship would last forever. LOL! I know it’s a reach, but I was so head over heels for this guy! Before I gave my virginity, I promised myself that I will only give it to 'The One.' I thought it was him, but I was so wrong! It’s funny because I thought I was his first as well, so I went with it feeling a bit more comfortable in experiencing it with him. It was so painful that I started questioning the reason as to why people do this for pleasure!”—Jeanne, 20

“Well, losing my virginity in my teenage years is something I don’t regret. My first time was when I was 17, and it was my first one night stand. It was a fun night out with friends that turned into a spontaneous experience. I didn’t really care what other people think about me since sex is a natural thing. As long as you know enough stuff about it, both of you got protection, and it’s safe, I think it will be fine." – Rachelle, 20

Whether it’s embarrassing, spontaneous, or life-changing, your first experience is one of the things you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. Losing it in your teenage years isn’t any different from losing it in your adulthood as long as it was exactly what you wanted—when you wanted it. There's no shame in that!

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