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In Focus: Why Brutally Honest Friends Are For Keeps

In Focus: Why Brutally Honest Friends Are For Keeps



When we think of friends, we immediately associate them with qualities such as sweet, caring, and trustworthy and if a friend is lacking these traits, it could be possible that they're not true to you. However, there are those who run their mouth, sometimes without even thinking about it, and can come off as offensive or insensitive for anyone outside your circle.

We describe them as the brutally honest friends—the friends who act savagely and are labeled as "mean" by other people who don't know them privately but for us, they are just sincerely straightforward with their thoughts. They're the friends who will always tell you the things you don't want to hear but need to. Their words may seem like a form of insult sometimes, but they never intend to hurt you and just honestly care for you.

To furthermore give you points as to why brutally honest friends are for keeps, we listed down the things that make them worth having. 

1. You don't have to worry about them lying just to avoid hurting your feelings.

Sometimes, it's hard to get an honest opinion from your friends because they don't want to hurt your feelings. We get it—they just want you to protect you from a world of pain. But there are moments where you really need to be slapped because of your immaturity jsut like that time when you're about to break up with your S.O. because you saw them liking other people's Instagram pictures. In these moments, it's nice to have a brutally honest friend to steer you in the right direction. It's not that they don't care about your feelings, it's because they don't see the point of tiptoeing around anything. 

2. You're certain that they won't backstab you.

Brutally honest friends just don't see the point of not telling you the things that you should hear right in front of your face. Rather than being offended, you have to appreciate this kind of friends because they're the ones who would not stab you in the back. Instead of watching you do the wrong thing, and bailing out, they would slap you with the truth in the most straightforward way possible.

3. They can easily tell if you should stay in your relationship or not.

When you're dating someone who's not treating you right, your brutally honest friend will tell you that right away. They know what you deserve, and they would tell you the things you can't see when you're too blindly in love. They would willingly share their thoughts about your S.O., especially when they deserve to be punched multiple times. Even if you start hating them (and maybe unfriending them to some extent) because of how they see the most important person in your life in a bad light, they wouldn't regret a single thing they told you.

4. They're the ones you should send potential OOTD photos to or go shopping with. 

They should be the first person you send photos to when you're picking an outfit from your closet or the one you ask to go shopping with when you need new clothes for your out of the town trip. It's because they won't be biased. If a dress looks unflattering on you, they would give you their honest opinion without sugar-coating anything. Okay, they'd probably laugh at you first, but you know they love you!

5. You will get better at dealing with criticisms.

In time, criticisms won't affect you that much anymore since you're so used to getting them from your brutally honest friend. So when you hear criticisms about basically anything you do, you accept them wholeheartedly and understand that these comments are there to help you improve. Some criticisms might just be there for you to see if what you believe in is worth fighting for. Still, your brutally honest friend has already made you think twice about it before other people did, so it would be easier for you to distinguish which criticisms you should listen to! 

Do you also have a friend who doesn't beat around the bush? If yes, what does it feel like to have one? Let us know in the comments down below!  

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