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#ChalkTalks: Four Female Creatives On The Realities Of Being A Woman In Their Field

#ChalkTalks: Four Female Creatives On The Realities Of Being A Woman In Their Field



In the latest installment of #ChalkTalks, we put a roundtable discussion together with some of the most inspiring and relatable girls in the creative field today. Facilitated by Metro Channel's Tricia Centenera, we gathered musician Kai Honasan, director Samantha Lee, actor Chai Fonacier, and visual artist Yeo Kaa to share with us their personal experiences and more valuable insights on what it's like to navigate each of their fields as a woman.

While it's true that we've come a long way when it comes to giving women their fair share of the spotlight in their respective career tracks, we can also agree that females still largely struggle compared to their male counterparts–whether it's being slammed for their opinions or having no choice but to repress their emotions altogether. "Sometimes I feel like I want to talk about certain things, but I have to be a little more creative when I send out these messages," Chai opens up. "At some point, somebody's going to say, 'She talks too much,' or 'She's a whiny brat.'"

But being in the creative field, these girls feel that each of them has a cause to wage for the benefit of the society as a whole no matter how challenging it may seem. For Sam, her works reflect her goal to give proper representation for the LGBTQ community on screen. "Representation matters," she states. "If you see yourself on screen, your personhood is validated and it helps you become who you are." This especially rings true for younger people who are still struggling to find a strong sense of identity.

Another thing that keep these creative spirits going despite the hardships is the rewarding feeling of touching the lives of those who see their work even in the smallest of ways. Yeo Kaa, who's had a constant battle with anxiety, shared with us how her paintings could inspire others to release their burdens through art. "'Yung works ko personal lang sana, pero mas maraming tao siyang natutulungan." Whether it's through film, music, or art, Kai also agreed that being in the creative field lets them make a difference in ways they could never imagine. She says, "You don't know the kind of impact you have by simply being you."

For major #girlpower inspo, watch the full discussion below as Kai, Sam, Yeo Kaa, and Chai walk us through the important role that females take on in art and in life.

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