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In Focus: Stages We Go Through When Our Favorite Fictional Character Dies

In Focus: Stages We Go Through When Our Favorite Fictional Character Dies



It's impossible to love a show without having a favorite character—the character who just seems so likeable whatever they do and makes us motivated, inspired, and persuaded to continue watching; even though our eyes feel droopy already, and we still have an early morning schedule the next day. 

But let's not forget that having a favorite character also means giving power to the writer, which will either give you a joyous or a heartbreaking ride that you will never forget. Sadly, not everyone is as lucky as those fans whose favorite character lives until the show's finale. There are those who just have to carry the burden of losing their favorite character, sometimes, earlier than expected. If you've been invested in a character who was destined to be killed off, then you've probably been in this rollercoaster of emotions:

1. In-Denial Stage

Of course, the moment the episode ends is the moment you start asking yourself, "Did that really happen? Did my favorite character really die?" Then you would tell yourself, "That's impossible. No way!" Here comes your in-denial side, where you tell yourself that the scriptwriter was just probably playing with you, and most probably, your favorite character would still be alive in the next episode. This will go on until after a week when the next episode is released, with dead eyes, expecting for your favorite character to appear; but you just got your hopes crushed. 

2. Anger Stage

You would be angry at the writer, director, your favorite character's family, best friend, companion, and even pet dog—you're angry at everyone because for you, your favorite character wouldn't have die if these people didn't let them die. And here comes your impulsive side; you would tweet (or email, if you're that serious) the writer and ask them "Why would you let my favorite character die?". And we're sure that you're not the only fan who would send this type of messages to the writer. Even though your friends have told you that it's not a big deal; it made you feel heartbroken, so it certainly is for you. 

3. Bargaining Stage

In this stage you realize that being angry will never be the solution, it will not get your favorite character back. So you think of ways to bargain, you start signing petitions to bring your favorite character back and encouraging your fellow fans to do the same. You're basically pleading for their life and rallying for justice at this point.

4. Depression Stage

Unfortunately, whatever you do or say, there's no way your fave character will ever return. So you just grieve for a week (or a month) while trying to rewatch the episodes where your favorite character was living happily or times where they just made the show way better than it is. You, then, hug your laptop (or television) with tears rolling down your cheeks, while having a spoonful of ice cream and a box of pizza and asking yourself, "What did I do to deserve this kind of pain?"

5. Acceptance Stage

Now, your cry fest has come to an end. There may still be days where you just can't help but miss the times you get excited for every new episode because you know your favorite character's there. But now, all of that has changed. You might try to look for a new character to stan within the show, but it would be hard for you. If you do find one, your old favorite character will still remain number one in your heart. 

Don't worry; you're not alone though. The other characters will mourn with you, they will share with you the pain, especially the people who had truly loved your favorite character as much as you did. And when they show flashbacks of your favorite character in future episodes, you'll smile because you knowthat they have that lasting impact in the show and you picked the right person to stan until the end.

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