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In Focus: 12 Female Artists Who Are Slaying The OPM Scene Today

In Focus: 12 Female Artists Who Are Slaying The OPM Scene Today



by Joan Ko

In any of their chosen fields, ladies can really make powerful strides of their own! In the last year, we've seen a slew of female artists serving up killer singles that touch on everything from soulful pop tunes to eargasmic discotheque. They've made the year for OPM interestingly bigger and definitely worth a listen! Here, we list down 13 terrific female musicians slayin' the music scene you need to keep tabs on to make you feel empowered as ever! 

Yeng Constantino

The Pop Rock Queen has had great hits under her belt yet she still manages to surprise us with her songwriting skills when she's creating new material for OPM royalties like it's as simple as breathing. Her continued success in the industry is no thanks to her relentless drive to make music everyone can relate to–and yes, Yeng, we totes get you!

Moira dela Torre

If she sings an entire almanac, she probably would still sound impressively heavenly! Listening to her covers and original songs just make us think about sad, unrequited, seemingly tragic love stories of our own (even if sometimes there is really nothing to sulk about) because that's the Moira effect! Tearjerking tunes and all, we're definitely set to hear more from one of the best voices in the OPM scene today. (Pasok, Moira!)


She's a teeny tiny lady, but she's made a humungous splash singing chart-topping teleserye soundtracks for the past year. There's clearly not a note she can't hit, and we just love her for it. It's high notes and higher standards for this fierce belter!

Leanne and Naara

These folksy, indie-pop princesses' perfectly tousled hair, bold yet unassuming vocals, and incredible musicality are making a run for our flower crowns! Used to being under-the-radar, this duo's infectious and catchy songs have gotten us decamping in our imaginary desert and listening to their songs all day. We've discovered a new meaning of "dual tones" in our vocab, thanks to L & N!

Keiko Necesario

Social media's helped jumpstart so many of our musicians' careers, and we're glad it did. She might have kept it to herself for a while doing her own thing on YouTube before hitting the local pubs one acoustic set after another, but Keiko's voice is one that is sort of brooding and sultry that even if you're hearing it for the first time, you'll be getting all the feels immediately! Her song with Shehyee is one of our favorite collaborations from 2017, and we think we'll be hearing and seeing more of this indie singer-songwriter this year. We'll be on the lookout!

Glaiza de Castro

We've seen what she can do on television and film, but her voice is nothing short of amazing, too! Did we mention she also plays the guitar and writes her own songs? Yaasss! She's a multitalented beauty, no biggie! We're just gonna stay in one corner green with envy. But seriously though, Glaiza is definitely cool chick material, and we think her gift of music is unpretentious and totally rockin'! 



With OPM rock icon Bamboo's mentorship, Sassa's finally found the perfect genre for her voice that seems to be made of dreams. Sassa's voice has a freshness in it like one of the Disney princesses' voices from the '90s, but its soulful feel brings a certain edgy vibe that many will be interested to listen to. Her ear for melody proves how wise she is beyond her years, and we are sure there's a lot more to come for this youngster. 

Kiana Valenciano

It's true that talent can be learned. But for this R&B crooner, she was actually born with it! Her fresh tunes may be heaps different from Mr. Pure Energy, but that's what proves she's her own woman. We can't get enough of cool kween Kiana because she's giving us SO. MUCH. LIFE!

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah G is simply phenomenal! Her musical style has totally evolved that we think she's absolutely done it all. She presents herself in such a way that she can command the entire stage in every performance. Her songs have taken over our playlists at one point or another, and we can't complain because they are so LSS-worthy. Basically, what we're saying is that she's rightfully OPM's Pop Star Royalty!  


With all the powerful female belters around, she didn't drown out as just another white noise. In fact, Morisette's come full-circle with her confident voice and more mature sound. Her songs build from quiet moments to powerful emotional peaks, and we think there's nowhere else for her to go but up, up, up! 



She originally thought of making a song for Cebu's Sinulog Festival, but what was planned to be a one-time track has now been viewed for nearly 10 million times in the last 3 months. We think that's not a coincidence because her unique style is exactly what OPM needs to go against the usual beats and send it to new heights!

 KZ Tandingan

She's been trending globally even before joining the variety-reality contest Singer 2018 in China, and it's no surprise at all. Her voice and talent is out of this world, it's insane! She never disappoints with every performance, and we're still rooting for her for taking OPM pride to a whole new level of greatness! 


Whether you're into mellow ballads or sexy, upbeat music, these femme fatales have the awesome voices and the sharp lyrics guaranteed to get stuck in your heads on-loop. Give these girls a listen and show them who run the world and the airwaves!

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