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In Focus: What Your Boo Is Trying To Tell You Based On His Body Language

In Focus: What Your Boo Is Trying To Tell You Based On His Body Language


by Joan Ko

Sometimes, we are so caught up in the whirlwind of romantic relationships and the numerous emotions we experience that we lose track of what we really want to say. When girls are mad they turn to silent treatment and this drives men crazy. What they don't know, is that they also put out cryptic messages with what they project on the outside, and, often times, it's a little too late when we miss the clearly seen signals in his body language.

So before you start obsessing about hacking into his phone and invading his social media accounts, why not start by observing what he does with his body to get a sense of what he's really thinking about? Learn about these postures and gestures to help you decode what your boo is trying to tell you. 

1. Holding your hand

If he's reaching for your hand more frequently even when you're out in public or when you're with his group of friends, he is definitely hooked! He is proud to let everyone know you're his and that he is clearly head-over-heels in love with you too! If it seems like all you're getting are light brushes against his hand though, it might signal something else. It could be a sign that he doesn't feel like going that intimate with you so prepare to stay inside the friend zone for a while, girl. 

2. Touching your hair


When your bae pushes your hair out of your eyes or away from your face, he's only trying to find a reason to touch your face and get near you. If it's someone else touching your hair, it would be weird unless of course that someone is your hairdresser. But if your boo pets your head and touches your hair from time to time, it means he really cares and that he notices the little details that make you beautiful. 

3. Talking with his hands

If your boo uses his hand while he talks, it means that he is so engrossed with what he's telling you, and that he wants you to genuinely understand what he's trying to say. This is the time where you need to pay attention to him, let him know you are interested and that you respect his enthusiasm. Be careful not to make him feel like you're bored with the conversation because this can really turn him off. 

4. Stroking his hair

Men can be easily insecure just like women especially with their looks. So when your man starts brushing his hair often or styling it in different ways, it means he wants to look good, not just for himself but especially for you. If you're walking towards him and he starts to brush his hair, it means he is a bit nervous about how he looks like. Give him a sweet smile to reassure him that you're taken by him no matter what he looks like, and really mean it! 

5. Seeming fidgety

If he starts squirming in his seat or fidgets with an object too much (unless it's a natural habit of his) he may be hiding something, or it could be a signal that something is worrying him. Try to console him and let him open up about it on his own. 

6. Keeping eye contact

A man who is absolutely captivated by you will not want to stop looking at you. So if your boo can't take his eyes off of you, that's a good sign and you shouldn't feel weirded out about it. Look at him with honest eyes too to let him know you feel the same way! Nothing will make you feel like a queen more than getting his full attention with just one look. There are times when guys won't make eye contact and will seem as if they are scanning the room for something either because they don't want you to think they are flirting with you or they are hiding something from you. Think about the circumstances before you start rolling your eyes at them though because it all really depends on the kind of relationship you are sharing with the guy.

7. Touching your arm or knee

If it happens intentionally, it means your boo wants you to know you can be comfortable around him. In a way, it is flirtatious when he tries to provoke you by touching your arm or your legs and knees, but it all boils down to the intention of letting you feel like you've got nothing to fear because he's got you. As odd as it may seem, guys also tend to pull away when they are trying to avoid you. He's surely not interested if he's kept an imaginary wall between the two of you especially if he's also giving you short-sentence answers. If it's come to this point, don't force it on him anymore! You're better off with someone who'd like to hang out with you and make you feel wanted anyway. 

8. Angling his body

When his body is facing your direction while you're having drinks at a party or enjoying a meal together, you know that you're all he cares about. He is very interested in having a conversation with you, seeing your entire face and just being next to you. He wants to see and hear your full reaction and keep the "tiny bubble" you've created all to yourselves. If he seems like he doesn't want to face you especially when you're standing or sitting next to each other, then it could be a sign that he's not just that into you.

9. Crossing his arms or legs

You know something's up if you see him with a square face and his arms crossed in front of him or when he's seated with his legs crossed. If he's interested or happy to see you, he will automatically sit upright with his legs apart to make leaning in to talk to you easier. But if this is not the case, he is obviously distancing himself away from you. You might want to re-evaluate and think if you've done something that could've made him the slightest bit upset. 

10. Raising his eyebrow

If it's followed by a devilish smile, you're all clear. But if he appears to be pissed off about something, you can be sure the eyebrow-raising will be followed by a heavy sigh or just him quickly walking away from you. Don't jump into conclusions; hold his hand and ask him calmly if you've done something to annoy him. 

No matter how quiet he gets, you can always tell if something's bothering your boo or he's just simply happy to be around you. Next time he starts getting quiet for no reason, don't get anxious. Studying his body language can go a long way, but, at the end of the day, having a talk about his intentions and feelings will easily solve any dilemma.

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