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The Six Fix: Signs You've Found The Right Org For You

The Six Fix: Signs You've Found The Right Org For You



College is a whole new world you get to explore, and we recommend getting out there and experiencing as much as you can during your stay. There is no one right way to make the most out of your college years, but if you want a fuller, more satisfying experience, then we suggest signing up for orgs!

Of course, it's not enough that you simply register for everything the world has to offer to you just for the heck of it. You have to find the student organization/s that will fit well with your interests. If you're not sure you're in the right org, then here are six tell-tale signs to know: 

1. You’re eager to spend extra hours for your org. You actually look forward to working you’re your chosen org (sometimes more so than your classes). Naturally, you would attend extra-curricular activities when your class schedule allows you because you are still a student who is required to attend class. However, when an activity overlaps with your class schedule, you rue the fact that you are a student first and foremost and sometimes even tempted to skip class altogether.

2. You willingly make an effort to excel at your specialty. In the middle of research papers and professors throwing recitations and quizzes your way from all directions, you still find a way to better yourself in order to excel in your extra-curricular. Whether you’re an architecture student juggling plates with your debate training or a journalism student balancing deadlines with studying choral music, you actually give your extra-curricular the same amount of effort as you do with your studies.

3. The people in the org feel like family. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the teacher’s pet or the odd one out inside your class because you’re a whole different person when with your fellow org members. They see parts of you that you conceal from others and accept the parts of you that others don’t. You’re more comfortable with your org-mates and coming to them with stories about what happened during class feels like coming to the dinner table and telling your family what happened in school today. 

4. You can see the org in your future. Though graduation puts an end to your time as a student, you don’t see it doing the same thing when it comes to your journey and relationship with your org. It’s not possible to visit all your old classmates in school, but you are able to see yourself dropping by your old org every now and then to see just how they’re doing. You can still envision yourself meeting with other members, reminiscing, and talking about whatever it is that brought you together.

5. You are able to apply the values you picked up in real life. The learning formula in the academe has always been the same and your professors and lectures can only teach you so much. Unlike the classroom setting, student organizations don’t usually have a professor or a teacher in front to supervise the learning experience. Most of the time, it’s just you and other students working together to make the organization function properly.  Through this journey, you’re able to develop discipline, confidence, and leadership skills (or even a sense of responsibility that the traditional education system has now instilled in you just yet) which you find yourself applying in your life beyond the campus.

6. You will know you are a better person at the end of it all. Even though you don’t believe your graduation automatically cuts your relationship with the org, you know in your heart that your time as a member is over. And by the end of your journey within the campus, you know the org has shaped you to become a better person that the academe could never turn you into. You feel like a whole different person from the one who had signed up and you owe the person you have become to your organization as well as the people who make it. 

If you've ticked off at least half of these signs, chances are you've found the right org for you. Hold on to it, let the current sweep you from your feet, and enjoy the ride because not a lot of students will graduate knowing they've lived their college days to the fullest.

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