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In Focus: 5 Thoughts That Go Through Our Head When Visiting Our Alma Mater

In Focus: 5 Thoughts That Go Through Our Head When Visiting Our Alma Mater



While some see graduation as a welcome celebration for our journey in the real world, most of us still feel as if it's the official closure we get from our time as students. It's as if our relationship with the campus and the institution itself has finally come to a close though we know we are still going to be friends with our alma mater.

So, we can't help it if we're suddenly overwhelmed by the feels that come rushing back to us whenever we step foot inside the campus once again. Here are all the thoughts any alumni would usually have when we revisit our alma mater.

1. “Wow, I am old.” Your alumni status sets you apart from the student body and all of a sudden, you see students from a whole different light. When you hear them talking about a professor you’ve never even heard of or using lingo you don’t even understand, you realize that you’re no longer as young as you once were (even if you had just graduated six months ago.)

2. “I wish I'm still a student.” It doesn’t matter whether you’re a young professional consumed by a busy schedule or an unemployed bum who has spent the last two months cooped up at home—the more immersed you become in your alma mater, the more you miss the student life.

3. “Do they still remember me?” Not everyone you knew in high school or college left as you did when you finally graduated. Some of them are professors or teachers whose careers glue them to the school while some are lower classmen or classmates who are still continuing their education, and you’re bound to run into a familiar face as you walk. Whether you admit it or not, there’s a small part in you that hopes they still know your name.

4. “Where did this come from?”  The university environment is as ever-changing as the cells in a living organism. Many things have changed during your time as a student but because you’ve seen it up-close and witnessed its progress, it doesn’t seem all that much. Now that you’ve returned after spending a few months away, there are so many new buildings and stores that have suddenly popped up which makes you wonder just where it came from.

5. “You’re beautiful.” Time will not change the love you have for your alma mater. You will never skip the chance to snap a photo of the campus and let the world know just how thankful you are to have had the chance to spend a part of your life there. As a graduate, you may be looking at your school through rose-tinted glasses every time you visit but even ten years from now, you know your alma mater will be just as beautiful as the first time you fell in love with it. 

No matter the pain and the hardships we went through during our journey as students, there will always be a part of us that will hold our alma mater dearly. What other thoughts do you have when visiting your beloved school? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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