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In Focus: 5 Things To Do In La Union This Summer

In Focus: 5 Things To Do In La Union This Summer



La Union, or more popularly referred to as LU or Elyu, has always been a favorite beach destination all year long-mainly because of its chill vibe, as well as its proximity to Manila. It is also a well-known surf town here in the country, all thanks to the huge and fun waves that surfers, both newbies and pros, can happily ride on to.

But wait, there’s more! LU also offers other activities you can enjoy now that it’s summer again-from appreciating the beauty of nature, to feeding your soul with some great art and music!

Here are the things you can do while in La Union this season:

1. Go for a hike

LU is blessed by mother nature with the abundance of natural resources and scenic landscapes. If you’re more of the adventurous type, go for a hike and witness the beauty of Tangadan Falls in one of the towns of LU. Take a dip into the cold water and escape the hot weather!

2. Food trip

A fun trip to the beach would never be complete without great food. Thankfully, there’s a strip of foodie haven in LU that serves a variety of goodies. From the traditional Pinoy meals, to healthy smoothie bowls, you'll surely satisfy your grumbling tummies in between your beach activities!


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3. Surf’s up!

Being a famous spot in the northwest coast of Luzon, LU boasts of huge waves which both pros and newbies can play with during the surf season almost the entire year. Thanks to the amihan and habagat winds, all is (s)well!


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4. Experience the Shaka life.

Shaka is a popular hand gesture which is used to express different things such as saying "hi" or a sign of "thank you." It also means “hang loose," which came from the laid back vibe you get from the surf culture. So if you’re looking for a place to chill, pack your bags and experience the shaka life in LU this summer!


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5. Music and movies by the beach

The thought of going to the beach this summer already sounds like a nice plan. But with music and movies, what else can you ask for? Celebrate good times and watch the country’s most talented artists and see your favorite movies by the beach and under the stars during this event by Cinemaone and MYX on April 14!


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Do you have any recommendations on how to enjoy LU? Share them in the comments section below!

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