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In Focus: Types Of Breakups We All Go Through

In Focus: Types Of Breakups We All Go Through



We get it—whether you broke it off over the phone or met up to have proper closure, breakups can be tough to experience, especially if it's coming from a relationship you've never thought would end. Mending a broken heart would usually depend on what type of breakup it is; so don't ever rush your moving on process. 

For you to distinguish what type of breakup you're currently going through or just got out of, we listed the types of breakups everyone experienced at least once in their life. 

1. The Mutual Breakup

The most peaceful type of breakup, this is when two people realized that their relationship isn't going anywhere anymore. This is the type of breakup that's decided by both parties with no fight or misunderstanding whatsoever. The spark that they thought would last forever just reached its limit, and they fell out of love. Most couples who get through this breakup stay as friends because even though the romantic feeling is gone, they still have respect and care for one another.

2. The Beneficial Breakup

From a serious relationship to friends with benefits, that's the kind of transition that happens when you're coming from a beneficial breakup. This happens when you two decide to call it quits because of a misunderstanding or just another "we're better off as friends," but are still physically (and sexually) attracted to each other. So what do you do? You make an agreement that everything that you two are doing underneath the sheets comes with no strings attached.

3. The Back To Being Strangers Breakup

This is the one that tears not only the two who's in the relationship, but also the people surrounding your relationship A.K.A. their friends and families! It's because these two will start acting like they've never dated, or rather they don't exist in each other's lives anymore. When you mention their ex, they will act like they don't know who you're talking about. Blocking each other on social media and avoiding each other every chance they get also happen in this kind of breakup. Yep, it's pretty messy.

4. The Unclear Breakup

This is the kind of breakup that confuses everyone! It's because the two declared that they're not together anymore, but they still act like a couple. But every time you ask them if they got back together, they will eagerly say that they're just friends. Sometimes, it's one-sided; the other one just prefers to be friends with their ex because they still have feelings for the. But when their ex starts seeing someone else; they would act as if they never broke up, which usually makes everyone more confused (and annoyed) with the real status of their relationship.

5. The We'd Rather Be Friends Breakup.

We do believe that it's possible for two people to stay friends after a breakup. This especially happens when they've been good friends even before they got into a romantic relationship. Sometimes the major cause of their breakup could be that they don't want to ruin their friendship. They'd rather be friends than not be in each other's lives at all.

6. The Circumstantial Breakup

The saddest breakup that could happen is when you two have to end your relationship while still pretty much in love with each other because of your circumstances. Whether it's disapproval from their parents or having to move to another country, this breakup is probably one of the hardest to get over. Even though the love still remains, sometimes, breaking up is the only solution. This is the perfect example of finding the right love at the wrong time.

7. The Out Of Nowhere Breakup

The breakup that's so unexpected because you two were getting along the whole day, then the night comes and they decided to drop the bomb, making it seem like they've been thinking about breaking up with you for too long. You know you're happy with your relationship, there are no major problems that have happened, so when they broke up with you, you get so confused, angry, and sad because you don't know if you did something wrong or if they were already seeing someone else behind your back.

Did you just get out of a relationship? What type of breakup did you experience, and how are you coping up with it? Let us know! 

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