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Cheat Sheet: 10 Easy Mood-Boosters To Get More Work Done

Cheat Sheet: 10 Easy Mood-Boosters To Get More Work Done



by Joan Ko

Often times, keeping a positive outlook can feel like you're battling against strong winds on a rainy night. Whether it's an off day at work or you're unsatisfied with what you had for lunch, us humans are very sensitive that one little thing can get us tensed and in a funk. Stressors from day-to-day life can affect a shift in our mood instantaneously, but one thing we have to remind ourselves of is that a bad day, no matter how much we dislike it, is unavoidable. Even if you don't have an Eject button for the annoying guy you carpooled with, don't beat yourself up too much over it. Focus on these tips to improve your mood and increase your motivation to get back on track and conquer the day ahead!

1. Strike a pose.

As silly as it may sound, correct posture and simply power posing can change your mood right away. Keep your upper body in an upright position rather than keeping it hunched over. This signals the body to stay confident to finish your task with ease. If you think only models and A-listers can nail this pose, you can try smiling more when conversing with other people and sit straight while working at your desk. 

2. Chew on good vibes.

Having a chunk or two of dark chocolate can instantly boost your mood because of the trytophan and dopamine, serotonin-like chemicals, which are known to stimulate your happiness signals while keeping you calm. If you're on a diet, nuts, seeds and fish are all brain foods you can also munch on! You're nourishing your body and fighting off a bad mood–we say it's a win when you hit two birds with one stone! 

3. See some green.

Experts suggest exposing yourself to the color green signals happiness and can create the feeling of it too. During break time or any time you feel like you need to boost your energy (and keep your sanity,) go outside. A change of scenery and a whiff of fresh air may just be what you need physically and emotionally! 

4. Stretch and get your sweat on. 

Nothing amps up your energy better than exercising regularly. If you think you'll be losing more energy at a dance class or finishing a gruesome circuit, think again! The more physical you get, the more you'll have energy. If going to the gym doesn't fit your personality or your budget, incorporate exercises in your daily routine. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, stretch every hour for 10 minutes, do squats while watching TV. Every small movement counts!

5. Have a good laugh.

Laughing for more than a minute can lower our bodies' stress response and elevate our mood! So the next time something sets you off, try watching a funny video online, read a funny quote, or just spend more time laughing it off with your friend or coworker. You'll feel better in no time! 

6. Be touchy feely in a good way.

Believe it or not–hugging or getting hugged by someone can have the same effect as a body massage because of the stimulation of the pressure points in the skin. This can also decrease heart rate for when you're feeling annoyed and harrassed at work. Not a hugger? Try rubbing your forehead, hands, or neck, and give yourself a light massage to reduce the stress hormone in your body. 

6. Rant and release. 

You don't need to keep everything to yourself in order to feel great. In fact, it can have the exact opposite reaction. Feelings of anxiety, panic, and distress can be attributed to wallowing on a bad mood. Allow yourself to discharge negative emotions as long as it is not causing more harm especially to others at work. There is an appropriate time, place, and person to help you out when you need to vent. So next time you think of keeping your negative vibes bottled up, don't! 

7. Listen to soothing music!

It's an extra mood-lifter and it won't cost you a single cent–as long as you have your gadget with you, you can always turn the radio on, shuffle through Spotify, or click on chill playlists on YouTube. Keep the serene ambience by keeping quiet and just enjoy listening to every note. This is also ideal for meditation and when you need to focus. 

8. Call on an optimistic friend.

It's true when they say that you only need to surround yourself with positive people to get you going! Spend time with your upbeat BFF or if you're on a tight schedule, call them up instead. Make sure to talk about other stuff besides work or whatever it is that's stressing you out, and you'll be feeling the same energy in no time!

9. Declutter and organize.

Get organized, and you'll feel instantly more chill. Keep the decors in your work desk at a minimal and make sure it's cleaned up all the time. Nothing messes up with your mood than a literal mess. Pick a color that relaxes you or pin a photo that makes you smile and feel good. 

10. Allow yourself to be distracted. 

As much as you want to finish the projects right away, you need to take a break when you can as often as you can! Spare a few minutes to browse through your social media, but avoid stress triggers like negative news. Just by reading or investing time looking at something else besides your work reports, you're giving your mind a break and a chance to recharge. Just know when to get your head back in the game and you're all set! 

You see, there's no need to sulk all day when you're not in the mood because you can always redirect things into your favor! For the next time you are feeling extra sluggish, you can always find these tips to help you elevate your mood. What tricks  have you discovered to give yourself a big energy boost and extra motivation? Share it with us by leaving a comment below! 

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