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I Love My Job: This Millennial 'Let Go Of Everything' To Focus On The 'Most Rewarding' Job Ever

I Love My Job: This Millennial 'Let Go Of Everything' To Focus On The 'Most Rewarding' Job Ever

Grace Recomite has been an insurance agent for PhilAm Life for five years, guiding people from all walks of life in their finances. Now, at only 28 years old, the associate unit manager is her own boss when it comes to setting her schedules, deadlines, and work tasks for the day. Armed with a megawatt smile, a go-getter attitude, and a UP-educated mind, it may be surprising to believe that her beginning in this industry was a happy accident.

“I remember that day (I got my job as an insurance agent), I was just seated in a seminar where people wanted to do their own business, something unconventional from a corporate job. And then, I found out about (the firm), and what they do as insurance agents, and their daily battles, and what’s fulfilling in that career. I said to myself, ‘Might as well try.’ The next thing I know, five years down the road, I’m here," mustered Grace, who used to have a business before closing it down to focus on this field.

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Grace’s work does seem unconventional compared to the typical 9-5. One of the exciting perks and challenges she still faces is being her own boss and being accountable to herself. “It’s very exciting because I don’t have a boss to report to and I handle my own time. At the same time, that’s challenging because there’s no standard procedure or deadlines. No one’s going to boss me around and tell me if I am doing right or wrong," reveals Grace, "But, at the end of the day, it’s exciting because I can do whatever I want with my time. When I want to travel, be with my family, or hang out with my friends, it’s totally up to me! If I want to be out for the whole month, I don’t have to file for leaves. That’s what’s really exciting about this career.”

Another perk of Grace’s career is feeling fulfillment in actually helping other people. One of the most challenging aspects of her work involves hearing potential clients reject possible insurance programs she proposes to them. “Insurance is not about dying, but about enjoying life now and being prepared in case something happens," she says. When a client actually says yes and starts directing their finances in a secure insurance program, it gives Grace a sense of fulfillment. "One moment that was most fulfilling for me was when a client I had trusted me with her finances. I was 23, and I think she was 21 that time," Grace relates, "She wanted to save up for the future when she retires, but she didn’t know how to do it. Eventually, we came up with a program that suited her best.”

Above all, Grace strives for time management and balance in both her work and her personal life. Outside of being a financial advisor, Grace does a lot of sports on the side—from running and jogging to playing badminton and mountain-climbing. "It’s important to find a sense of purpose in work, but it’s also important to not be overworked and have time for yourself."

In fact, being part of her firm and acing her job has shot her to special paid out-of-the-country seminars that would last for weeks. (Her biggest feats include Philam Life Premier Icon Advisor and a third-time Million Dollar Round Table/MDRT Qualifier plum! MDRT is an international body recognizing excellence in the life insurance and financial services business.) She has gone to Hong Kong, Canada, The UK, The Netherlands, and Belgium among others—all as part of the job. Work, play, and more play? That's how Grace rolls.

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Produced by Mels Timan and Barry Viloria | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Cinematography by Lui Jimenez | Makeup by NARS Cosmetics: March Santos and Jason Delos Reyes | Hairstyling by Triple Luck Hair & Nail Salon

Shot on location at Paperwork Coworking QC, Mezzanine AL Building #1 Campanilla cor. E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, Philippines

Special Thanks to Ivan Cabral, Janine Jayme, and Ogie Rodriguez




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