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I Love My Job: After Working At LV And The Ritz-Carlton, This Pinay Found Career Bliss In Insurance

I Love My Job: After Working At LV And The Ritz-Carlton, This Pinay Found Career Bliss In Insurance

Only 27 years old, Aileen Palmes started her career with an internship in the United States before working in the luxury hospitality industry at The Ritz-Carlton. When she moved back to the Philippines, she then transferred to a luxury retail company. But, despite this successful and grand start, she noticed that there was something lacking. Aileen looked into her own life and her own family's life. Her mom and her aunt have been in the insurance industry for 30 and 63 years, respectively. Seeing the longevity of the business firsthand, Aileen decided to take the leap, becoming a second generation financial adviser in her family.

“I’m sure other advisors of the same age would attest to this: the freedom of time is one of the things we really enjoy, with having to do what we do since we get to manage our own time. I’ve been in the service industry for the longest time, since I graduated college. (I earned) a stable income that came every month. But, in the insurance industry, the more you work, the more you get rewarded for it. Aside from the freedom of time, it was also being able to manage my income.”

Aileen has been a financial advisor since she was 23. One of the many difficulties she faces is when potential clients question her authority because of how young she is. “One of the most challenging things in this business is the fact that we’re still young and new. I’m always asked, ‘How long have you been in this profession?’ It’s hard for people who are 20 to 40 years older than us to invest their money with someone who’s still young," reveals Aileen. "Clients will always question your credibility and you resilience in the business. But, you have to rise above the situation and make sure you don’t let those things bring you down.”

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Indeed, Aileen persists and thrives in the insurance industry. Her most fulfilling moments include working with her mom and her aunt, whom she has seen build families and help people throughout their careers as financial advisers. Knowing that that can also be her future, Aileen looks forward to having such a long and rewarding career as well. Also, as an added perk, Aileen enjoys her own free time by taking advantage of the travel incentives of her insurance company. This has literally opened up new worlds to her that she can experience for free.

“One of the benefits of being in this profession is being able to travel a lot. As long as you do a good job, you are rewarded for it. Aside from the income you take, you also get company incentives. I’m motivated by travel, so whenever the company gives us travel incentives, I make it a point to reach it. It’s hard to travel at 27 to anywhere you want, knowing that it’s too expensive. But, with the company’s travel incentive, it makes it easy to travel. It’s a different feeling when it’s free, versus when you pull out money from your own pocket just to be able to travel," says Aileen, "I travel almost every single month, either local or international destinations. My first incentive trip was in Toronto for an annual meeting, which was something I never expected at 23 years old. Since then, I’ve been to places like Bali, New Orleans, Vancouver, London, only because I worked hard and was rewarded for it.”

Now, Aileen has taken on a leadership role and is managing other financial advisors she considers as friends. Contrary to the belief that millennials are flaky and flighty, Aileen proves that she is completely credible and reliable in her job. Her goals right now include expanding her team as well as enjoying her life as a financial advisor.

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Produced by Mels Timan and Barry Viloria | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Cinematography by Lui Jimenez | Makeup by NARS Cosmetics: March Santos and Jason Delos Reyes | Hairstyling by Triple Luck Hair & Nail Salon

Shot on location at Paperwork Coworking QC, Mezzanine AL Building #1 Campanilla cor. E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, Philippines

Special Thanks to Ivan Cabral, Janine Jayme, and Ogie Rodriguez




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