In Focus: 9 Things We'll Sorely Miss About The UP Shopping Center

In Focus: 9 Things We'll Sorely Miss About The UP Shopping Center



Last week, another unfortunate incident hit UP Diliman, as the famous Shopping Center or also known as the SC, went up in flames – with nothing left but good memories, this UP icon bid us all goodbye after decades of being home to several food stalls and shops that provided in-campus services like no other.

Many netizens from the UP community shared their feels on this tragedy and looked back on their moments with SC that truly made it a part of their lives. Here are some of the most memorable ones that will be missed now that the SC is gone:

1. Rodic’s famous tapsilog

One of the most talked about tapsilog in town is Rodic’s, which has been in the Shopping Center a very long time ago. Not only UP students and staff dine here, but also those who are willing to go all the way to the campus just to get a taste of this famous tapa. It even underwent a total makeover recently, adopting a more modern look to better serve customers. Sadly, it didn’t last long.

2. Thesis printing and binding

Students can agree that the thesis is a major obstacle they must get through before graduation. Once the defense and hundreds of revisions are done, bringing our thesis to life A.K.A. producing hard copies is the last step of our labor–all thanks to the many computer shops in SC that offer convenient and affordable printing and binding services to students during the hard times.

3. “Pa-xerox po ng readings.”

As responsible students, we make sure we have a complete copy of the readings for each of our classes– consisting of dozens of pages that are several inches thick. Thankfully, Blessings also cater to excellent photocopying services at very student-friendly prices. It is literally a blessing from above.

4. Rushed 1x1 or 2x2 ID pictures

The first week of classes also mean introductions and discussion of syllabus before getting into the core of the subjects–the same time when professors require the students to submit index cards with their photos on it, either a 1x1 or a 2x2. And if you’ve come unprepared, there’s Alva to the rescue, another blockbuster in SC for ID pictures–it’s near, fast, and costs no more than a hundred pesos.

5. Lanyards, shirts, jackets, and other UP merch

What better way to increase our school spirit than to wear a UP lanyard, a shirt, or a jacket, right? Thankfully, we didn't need to go too far to find high-quality UP merchandise, the Diliman Republic in SC got us covered–cute designs but at low prices, too!

6. Mashitta

Before all the K-pop trends and Japanese fusion delights top the chart, there’s already a simple Korean slash Japanese eatery in SC. Mashitta serves a variety of Asian cuisine which everyone can enjoy, not because of their great dishes alone, but also because it doesn’t require breaking the bank.


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7. School supplies shopping and more

Buying school supplies has been made easier, all thanks to the Shopping Center. Whether you’re looking for all kinds of paper, arts and craft stuff, or just literally anything you can use A.K.A. general merchandise, SC didn't disappoint.

8. The Oreo cheese shake
Combining Oreo and cheese in a refreshing shake is a genius idea that came from Roma and Charlie, a stall popular for its shakes featuring all kinds of fruits which are sometimes combined with cheese, chocolate chips, and other good stuff. These shakes were perfect for a hot day on campus!

9. “Wow, may shopping center kayo?!”

Being one of the iconic spots in UP, we’ve surely mentioned the Shopping Center more than once to our non-UP friends and told them stories about it. And one of the most common reactions we get is the surprised look on their faces, thinking of the SC as a fancy mall inside our campus. But once they actually see how SC really looks like, their surprise turns into confusion! Nevertheless, SC was the only shopping destination we ever needed!

These are just a few of the many reasons why the loss of the Shopping Center greatly saddens the whole UP community. Without it, a part of UP’s history is now gone. What do you miss most about SC?

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