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Where To Next: Not That Overrated, Puerto Princesa Still Is A Fave Destination Among Beach Bums!

Where To Next: Not That Overrated, Puerto Princesa Still Is A Fave Destination Among Beach Bums!

The Philippines is known for the beauty of its beaches, from partying in Boracay, to mixing the city life with nature in the beaches of Cebu and Bohol. Puerto Princesa in Palawan, however, is a constant stand out as one of the world’s most sought after destinations. Popularly known as home to the Subterranean River and the Tubbataha Reef, Puerto Princesa has already become synonymous to absolute beauty and serenity. Although what has yet to make the headlines are the other unique experiences Puerto Princesa can offer its guests. There’s more than just the beach to this place, and here are some places worth checking out.

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1. Honda Bay Islands

Island hopping through the Honda Bay Islands will let you enjoy three main attractions: the Pambato Reefs, and Lilu and Cowrie Island. At the stop of the Pambato Reefs, you will not only be able to work on your tan, but also experience beautiful underwater scenery. Lilu and Cowrie Island, on the other hand, will spoil you with beautiful sandbars in the middle of the ocean.

2. Iwahig River Firefly Watching

A beautiful experience of what could be likened to a year-round natural display of Christmas lights. If you haven’t yet seen the magic of fireflies upclose, this is a must. You can book with a tour group or you can arrange directly with the Iwahig River Firefly Watching Ecotourism and Wildlife Park. You take a night ride on a bangka and float on a river while you watch the dark fill up with glowing, fading, and pulsating lights. It’s like being in Avatar’s Pandora!

3. Palaweño Brewery

Here’s an out of the box (or bottle) way of going about Puerto Princesa, visit it's only local microbrewery—which is the only brewery in the country ran by women! This tour will teach you all you need to know about their beer and what food is best paired with it. This tour happens everyday from 1-5 PM except on Wednesdays!

4. KaLui Restaurant

Perhaps a first of its kind, being a restaurant/museum hybrid, KaLui not only serves exquisite Filipino cuisine, but the restaurant itself is also a well-preserved traditional Filipino house! To top it off, local artistry is very much celebrated within the whole restaurant from the paintings down to the souvenirs, which is handmade by marginalized women in Palawan. 

5. Kinabuch's Bar & Grill

If you’re up for a few drinks, or dinner with friends, Kinabuchs has the right atmosphere for it! Famous Filipino dishes like Sinigang and Kaldereta are quite the fan favorite, especially because it’s done the Palaweño way. However, what people actually come for, is to try their famous Crocodile Sisig and Kinilaw na Tamilok/Woodworm! Your trip to Puerto Princesa would not be complete without getting to try their exotic dishes. 

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