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Where To Next: Alternative, Easy-To-Get-To Out Of Town Destinations Aside From Tagaytay!

Where To Next: Alternative, Easy-To-Get-To Out Of Town Destinations Aside From Tagaytay!

When it comes to the hustle and bustle of the city including heavy traffic jams and the vibe of everyone in a rush, Metro Manila is all too familiar with all of it. Sometimes we all need a quick escape to recharge and get ready for the work week ahead. And being that Tagaytay has been a staple nearby getaway for as far as memory serves anyone, it's a good thing there are other alternatives that you can check out, the next time you decide to get away.

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1. Nuvali

If you’re all about adrenaline and adventure, Nuvali is your sweet escape. This gem located in the city of Sta. Rosa is only an hour’s drive away from Makati. You can spend the day wakeboarding at the Republic Wakepark or bike along their off-road trails. If you’re more into lifestyle and leisure, Nuvali also has paved routes for city bikers, as well as a man-made lake where you can feed fish, or take a joy ride on a water taxi. If you’re lucky, you might even catch their Nightsky Cinema where you can watch classic films in the open air.

2. Antipolo

From hidden cafés to brunching with a view, Antipolo knows how to take care of you after a long work week. After all, nothing makes for a perfect weekend than waking up late and starting your day with an a good meal! And if that isn’t enough, this is where you can find the famous Pinto Art Museum, a popular gateway to modern contemporary art. It lets you into appreciating local talent, as well as dazzling up your Instagram feed!

3. Clark Freeport Zone

Whoever says time traveling isn’t a thing has definitely not seen the rich historical heritage of the Philippines. Lucky for you, in just an hour and a half, you can experience a little bit of that in Clark! Filled with museums, this is the perfect place for a good culture trip! You can start with visiting the Nayong Pilipino for a cultural trip, or the Airforce City Park where our military vehicles from the past have been preserved. But aside from history, Clark is also popular for its annual Hot Air Balloon festival. For as low as P500 you can watch the parade of beautiful hot air balloons, fighter planes, and some live music. 

4. Tanay, Rizal

Adventure awaits just 35 miles east of Metro Manila! Tanay is one of the more underrated go-to places when you think of an out of town trip. A little more life, a lot less city, is the charm Tanay has to offer. With the beautiful Mansungi Reserve, Daranak Falls, Calinawan Cave, Tinipak River and Rocks, Mt. Daraitan and a lot more adventure spots, you will definitely enjoy the trip to this nearby province! So put your adventure clothes on and get ready to hit the road and discover the best of nature!

5. Anilao, Batangas

Next time you drive to the south for an out of town trip, consider taking that trip a bit longer because just past Tagaytay is the beautiful province of Batangas. Fall in love with the scenery above and below sea level. Anilao, in particular is known as THE scuba diving spot closest to the metro. After you’ve enjoyed the scenery from under the sea, catch one of the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever experience – and just a stone’s throw away from the city.

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