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The Six Fix: The Animes That Shaped Our Childhood

The Six Fix: The Animes That Shaped Our Childhood



Remember the simpler days when you would wake up just to catch your favorite Japanese anime? Or perhaps you can still remember the rush of running home in time for more of that Tagalized goodness? Sure, we had The Powerpuff Girls and Spongebob Squarepants, but neither of those will ever hold a candle to the epicness that our favorite childhood anime shows delivered.

We're talking super saiyans, sailor soldiers, and all the classics that not only introduced us the the glorious world of Japanese animation but also became the very definition of our childhood. So, you better put on your nostalgia glasses because we're taking you on a feels trip!

1. Detective Conan

Before we grew up and moved to British detective Sherlock Holmes, we had Detective Conan. In fact, it must have been this young spectacled boy who woke the sleeping sleuths inside every '90s kid and drove them to madness just trying to figure out the mystery to every episode.

2. Sailor Moon

Every young girl dreamed of growing long ponytails with bangs that actually form a heart to match because of this anime! Even until now, Sailor Moon continues to be a staple name in Philippine pop culture. Not to mention, the show was our very definition of #SquadGoals!

3. Mojacko 

One of the cutest aliens that made us want to run back home as soon as school is dismissed, Mojacko definitely made its mark on every '90s Filipino kid. Who could resist going on an out-of-this-world afterschool adventure with a fun, cuddly aliens like Mojacko and his friends?

4. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z has got to be the most epic and iconic anime to ever grace the face of the earth. In fact, the anime is so good that even as grown millennials, we'd still rush home every night when there was a scheduled re-run of the whole series! P.S. If you're friend doesn't mirror you when you attempt a fusion, dump them.

5. Pokemon

Perhaps one of Japan's greatest creations, Pokemon has not only shaped our childhood but it still continues to be a part of our lives. Not all of us may memorize the names of all the current 802 Pokemon, but we all know a certain yellow mouse that goes by the name Pikachu!

6. Doraemon

People who have never seen a single episode of Doraemon cannot be trusted. This is the show that defined every Filipino kid's morning. Aside from being a gigantic cat, Doraemon was everything we wanted in a friend (and not just because he could pull almost ANYTHING out of his pocket!)

Are you crying because you miss all these precious gems? Because we totally are! We can only wish scientists invent time machines as soon as possible because we can't wait to go back to the good ol' days when our only worry was missing the opening sequence of our fave shows! Let us know if we missed your favorite childhood anime by leaving a comment below! 

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