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In Focus: 10 Things Clumsy People Can Totally Relate To

In Focus: 10 Things Clumsy People Can Totally Relate To



Given that there are 7 billion people on this planet, there can only be so much grace, accuracy and sense of balance for everyone to go around. That's why some of us lack in all three departments and therefore have fumbled and stumbled our way through our daily lives.

Clumsiness is a trait that, in entertainment, has been attributed ato cuteness or comedy. However, when being a klutz is actually a lifestyle for you, it's not all that cute or funny at all. Here are some struggles and situations that only clumsy people will ever stumble upon. 

1. You can't be counted on to catch stuff. Sometimes, the fastest way to pass someone what they asked for is by throwing it to them. Notice how we said "fastest" instead of easiest? That's because some of us prefer walking all the way to the other end of the room to get what we need instead of trusting our hands to actually catch it. 

2. The thought of carrying a baby worries you. You can't even hold your phone at night without dropping it on your face and people expect you to be okay with carrying something as delicate and important as human life? For the baby's sake, please don't!

3. You're extra aware of the world when carrying a food tray. For some people, it's ordering food that's a terrifying experience. For us, it's the trip back to our table. If we make it back with everything intact and not one spill, we consider it a huge accomplishment!

4. The kitchen section in the mall gives you anxiety. Only two things run through your head when walking along an aisle filled with ceramic plates and fragile glasses—it's either "Am I bigger than I thought I was?" or "Is this aisle getting smaller by the minute?"

5. ...So does the thought of being trusted with tech stuff. Your greatest fear is being trusted with something as important and expensive as a camera or a laptop because when someone actually leaves you to keep an eye on something like that, you start computing how many years of labor it's going to take you to replace them in case you break them.

6. You break stuff just by breathing. For some inexplicable reason, things just happen to break when you're around. It's like the universe knows you're clumsy and finds ways to remind you. And it's not like you did break anything but given your streak, you kind of wonder if you actually did do anything to break it.

7. You're prone to hurting yourself without even trying. You can fall over your seat for no apparent reason. You can stub your toe on the funiture even when you avoid it. One day, you wake up and find yourself with a bruise without even knowing where you got it! It's a wonder how you've not been run over a car (although that almost happened, too!)

8. You trip over practically nothing. We learn to walk as early as nine months old. And with all the time we spend on our feet for the remainder of our lives, you'd think we'd know how not to fall on our face! That's where you're wrong because some of us actually injure ourselves over tripping on air!

9. Basically, you have to be extra careful about everything! Most of the world can climb up the stairs or walk on wet floor with minimal thinking but not you. You have to put a lot of focus and effort in the most regular and trivial things to do because you can never tell!

10. You're constantly praying you don't hurt anyone. You're already beyond humiliation already given how many times your clumsiness has put you in very embarrassing situations. All you ever hope for now is that you don't become the same hazard you already are to yourself to other people. 

From one klutz to another, we sincerely hope you didn't drop your phone on your face or hurt yourself in any other way while reading this article! It takes a lot of effort to go about a regular day without an "incident" happening so the best we can do is be careful and pray (a lot.)


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