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In Focus: 6 Things You Can Relate To If You're Always Game For Every 'Ganap'

In Focus: 6 Things You Can Relate To If You're Always Game For Every 'Ganap'



There’s always this one person in the barkada whose personality is constantly on-the-go. They say "Yes" to almost everything, and their automatic response is always "G" to any sort of invite. Whether it's a random night out or a weekend getaway out of town, they are the kind of people who are constantly up for anything with anyone!

They’re certainly fun to be with because of how amusing their spontaneity and amount of energy is. If you’re the one who’s always "game" in your group, here are some things you can totally relate to:

1. You rarely say no. Being the outgoing type, saying no to your friends and turning down their invites aren't really much your thing. You like going to new places and meeting new faces–absolutely up for anything, no questions asked!

2. You’re always invited to every single get-together or activity there is. Since you say yes almost all the time, every other person within your circle see you as their primary choice in keeping them company for every social happening or activity there is. You instantly become their go-to person!

3. Your calendar is always full. With so much going on, almost every day on your calendar for the next two weeks or so is already booked. For someone who’s down for whatever, it’s no surprise your schedule becomes so hectic, you start to feel like a famous celebrity–LOL!

4. You have a huge circle of friends. If the social butterfly in you doesn’t experience any difficulties in being friends whom you meet in every ganap you attend to, having a huge circle of friends is not shocking anymore. And as your circle of friends expands, you’re now the Ms. Congeniality of the group–you easily become friends with everyone regardless of the number of mutual friends you all have.

5. You spend a lot. Let’s face it, saying yes to every invite can become a little stressful to your wallets. Though there are many different ways to enjoy your time with friends without breaking your banks, going out a little too often can lead us to spending more. Before you know it, you're already #broke!

6. You appreciate being at home more. You might get the feeling of not getting used to being at home since you're always out. But sometimes, the universe would tell you to take your time off from the world and rest. But hey, that’s absolutely a good thing because there’s really no place like home. If only you can marry your bed, right?

Being the "always game" type of person, what other experiences can you totally relate to? Share them in the comments section below!

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