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In Focus: What It Is About Girl Group TWICE That Makes Fanboys Go Crazy

In Focus: What It Is About Girl Group TWICE That Makes Fanboys Go Crazy



If you consider yourself a K-pop fan, then it's impossible for you to not know the new Nation's Girl Group TWICE. Before their debut, they were put in JYP Entertainment's survival competition show called Sixteen, wherein 16 contestants were assessed based on their overall performance abilities. Nine girls emerged as winners in the form of  Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu.

Since then, TWICE has been killing it in the charts and award shows! Just recently, they were given a Bonsang Award at the 27th Seoul Music Awards. There's no doubt that ONCE, TWICE's fandom, has been growing everyday because who can resist their global charm? In fact, they've been attracting more and more fan boys by the minute!

To furthermore understand why everyone's currently obsessed with TWICE, we asked REAL fanboys Christian (21,) Robert (19,) Jorel (22,) JC (21,) and Ernest (20) about why they can't help but fawn over this girl group! 

1. Their music videos are an instant mood-booster. 

Fanboys admire TWICE for their music videos that are not only addictive to watch, but also has the power to spread happiness at first watch! According to Jorel, "I listened to their song "TT" first, then watched their music video, and after that it unconsciously made me smile. I thought 'Okay, let's play it again.Robert adds, "Their debut song "Ooh Aah" made me feel energetic because the concept of the music video, where there were zombies, is totally different which totally lifted my mood." 

Christian says, "At first, it's really all about their looks; they're all visuals," he shares. "Then the time came that I find most of them fun to watch since they are all hardworking idols and funny, so they lift my mood up." 


2. They're effortlessly cute.

There's no denying that the girls are effortlessly cute which makes fanboys more attracted to them. TWICE is known for their cutesy image which is something that perfectly suits them–it's not cringe-worthy at all! Ernie says, "What I really love about TWICE is the way they're presented now in their music videos and performances. They're not trying to be sexy. Their songs always, somehow, bring a sense of joy to me whenever I listen and watch them. And maybe that’s what makes them so special."

Robert has the same sentiment, saying, "Not that I’m dissing other groups, but they just have natural cuteness in them which is very amusing to me." For JC, "Dahyun is the cutest member of TWICE; but the other members also have their own adorableness when it comes to their looks and personalities that makes me adore them more."

3. They're all bias-worthy, so it's easy to fall in love with each of them. 

When it comes to their best qualities, the girls' diversity certainly shows, which makes every member unforgettable. Jungyeon is the boyish one, sometimes called the 'daddy' of the group, while Momo is the 'mom' who's adored for her outstanding dancing skills. The two kawaii members, Sana and Mina, are labeled as the trending queens of the group; with Sana being the 'aegyo' queen of the group, and Mina being the 'cute penguin' who's quiet most of the time, but has the fierce eyes that could lure you in.

Jihyo and Nayeon are the main vocalists so their powerful singing chops will surely get you hooked! If you're attracted to female rappers, Chaeyoung and Dahyun are your go-to girls. And of course, Tzuyu, the youngest and most popular member of the group is loved by many because of her visually appealing looks and adorable personality. She's still quite shy, since she's from Taiwan, and is not yet that familiar with the Korean language, but she's definitely getting there!

Though it's hard to choose, Jorel admits his ultimate bias would have to be Nayeon. "Aside from being a talented vocalist, she has an amazing smile and a cheerful attitude. I also love how she's the eldest in the group." 


4. The group is a mixture of Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese!

Unlike other girl groups that only have Korean members, or at least one different ethnicity, TWICE has three Japanese members Mina, Sana, and Momo and one Taiwanese member Tzuyu, making them as diverse as a K-pop group can get!

One of the reasons why Robert became attracted to them was his love for Japanese pop culture. "I love dancing and Japan, that's why my bias is Momo. She perfectly fits my type, after watching her all the time; I then figured that she's absolutely charming. She’s very playful in her own way and has her own style." 

Being a fanboy is no different from being a fangirl, it requires commitment to the group and undying support. And sometimes, these K-pop fanboys get more stereotyped or judged than fangirls, so kudos to the boys who's not shy nor embarrassed for giving their all-out love for their idols! Are you a fanboy yourself? Give us a shoutout in the comments!

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