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In Focus: They're Just Like Us–These K-Pop Idols Are Huge Fanboys!

In Focus: They're Just Like Us–These K-Pop Idols Are Huge Fanboys!



When it comes to our favorite K-pop idols, we can't help but feel ecstatic whenever we see them perform, listen to their new tracks, and basically watch them breathe. There's really nothing like the joys of being a fan, and once you're sucked into a fandom, there's no turning back!

Now, just because we look up to these idols, it doesn't mean that they're higher than everyone else. In fact, they're just like us! They're huge fanboys of other groups and idols especially their sunbaes. As a fan, you already feel lucky when you're able to attend their concert live, what more if you are in the same industry with them, right? 

In this list, find out who your bias is stanning in the world of K-pop! 

1. GOT7's Bam Bam

It's not a secret that GOT7's Bam Bam is a huge fanboy of BIGBANG, especially the group's leader G-DRAGON. He sees him as his inspiration to do better in his career, and to become a huge idol like him. Luckily, he got a chance to be in a closed space with G-DRAGON, when he MCed the M Countdown and it was BIGBANG's turn to be interviewed in the elevator. BIGBANG member Daesung shared Bam Bam's thoughts about G-DRAGON, which G-DRAGON appreciated and hugged him for that! So lucky!

2. BTS' Jimin

With interviews of him where he says that BIGBANG's Taeyang has been his inspiration throughout his journey and the times he impersonated him in the way he performs, dress, and even the way he talks, BTS' Jimin is practically the perfect example of a true fanboy! As the main dancer of BTS, it's no surprise that he would aspire to be as good as Taeyang, who's one of the best main dancers in the scene. He never once wavered in his love for Taeyang, and we couldn't blame him; listening to his songs and watching him dance just makes us giddy all the time, too! 

3. EXO's Suho

He's memorized every Red Velvet song and dances to them whenever he sees them perform at award shows; EXO's Suho might be one of the biggest fanboys of this girl group! There's little wonder why Suho supports Red Velvet all the way; both their groups are under SM Entertainment after all. But with the way he he cheers for them and adorably dances from the audience during their performances, EXO's leader just can't hide his fanboy feels at all! 

4. EXO's Chanyeol 

You may not know this, but our charming Yeollie has been a fan of 2NE1's Sandara Park since his pre-debut days! It was revealed that his SNS homepage that was active during his pre-debut days was filled with Dara's photos. He also once told a magazine that his favorite celebrity is Dara. He may be low-key with his fanboy feels these days, but we're pretty sure his admiration for the 2NE1 star has never left him!

5. GOT7's Jackson

It's not a secret that GOT7's Jackson is a huge fan of South Korea's gorgeous MMA fighter Song Gayeon, and has said multiple times that she's his ideal type. But when he finally had a chance to meet her when she guested in the reality show Roommate, things got pretty awkward! Who can forget Jackson's epic first meeting with Gayeon? He starts running every time he hears her voice or when she comes close to him; he's so shy that he's like a schoolboy who wants to hide because he can't contain his feels!

6. BTS' Jungkook 

It's already known in the ARMY fandom that BTS' Jungkook is a huge fanboy of IU. Whenever he describes his ideal type, it's always so close (if not precise) to IU's personality. He was never hesitant to admit that he admires the irresistible star, especially when it comes to her angelic voice. We also saw multiple times the way Jungkook looks at IU in every variety and award show they're in together. Just look at how keenly he's watching IU's speech here! 

Moments like this make us love these K-pop idols more because they show us that they're also fans like us! Whether they're crushing on them or simply admiring their talent, these boys are just so relatable!

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