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In Focus: James Reid Shares What He Admires Most About The Women In His Life

In Focus: James Reid Shares What He Admires Most About The Women In His Life



Women empowerment is not just about girls lifting themselves and each other up; it also lies heavily in the support of the society as a whole. Whether it's changing an entire system to give women the equality that they deserve or simply appreciating the important role of females in our lives, nothing is too small of a contribution to this cause.

During Folded & Hung's photoshoot for their summer campaign starring Nadine Lustre and James Reid, we caught up with the latter and chatted about the ladies he's closest to in his life. It was a delight to prove that behind one of today's biggest male stars are two strong femmes who he heavily admires in more ways than we actually knew.


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First up is the equally stunning Lauren Reid, his half-sister. They have different mothers, but both were raised together at the same age. James fondly remembered, "When we were in school, people would ask us if we were twins, and it's easier to just say yes, so we don't have to explain the whole 'mother' situation."

Obviously, the two grew up as close as siblings can be. According to James, what he admires most about his sister is her independence. "She moved out when she was 16 and started her own life. She's the most independent out of all of us," he shared. Another thing that makes Lauren a vital part of his life is how she holds their family together. James added, "She's the most affectionate one in the family. I don't know what I'd do without her." Darn right–the women in our lives are definitely irreplaceable!


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And then, of course, we have James' sweetheart, the ineffeble Nadine Lustre. Being one of the most sought after tandems in show business today, James and Nadine are the power couple we all can't help but be fascinated with. It goes without saying that these two are way beyond an on-screen loveteam as their romance has blossomed into an enduring partnership we can only hope to find for ourselves!

If you need further proof that Nadine is truly inspiring inside and out, then James is your only go-to guy. Pouring his admiration for his girl out, James shared, "She's really strong. She's been through so much while constantly being under public scrutiny. And yet she still handles herself so well." Imagine us listening to James while Nadine was sitting right next to him–yup, we could hardly keep our hearts from melting! He added, "I don't know how she does it. Me, I just choose to back away from it all. But she's headstrong, which I believe is incredibly inspiring to a lot of girls."

To all the boys out there, make sure to let the women in your life know just how special they are. And while you're at it, never take them for granted. He for she, y'all!

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