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In Focus: #ChalkCampusTour2018 Kicks Off At Technological Institute Of The Philippines

In Focus: #ChalkCampusTour2018 Kicks Off At Technological Institute Of The Philippines



The cool months are over and the sun is hotter and brighter than ever—the perfect season for a summer getaway. Of course, we couldn't resist an excuse for a roadtrip so we set out and kicked off our #ChalkCampusTour2018. For our first stop for the year 2018, we brought the Chalk crew and three guest speakers to the Technological Institute of the Philippines in Manila!

Presented by Careline, we were able to help inspire the students of TIP with our speakers including the fab girls from, vlogger Bret Maverick and, all-around girl crush material Joyce Pring who each emphasized on our mantras, #LookGood, #LiveYoung, and #LoveHard! Here's a quick insight into what transpired during the talk!

#LookGood by Stacy & Danah of

Self-love is a broad concept which people all over the world have all adapted and yet interpreted very differently. Stacy and Danah of PLUMP, however, talked about what it is not and clarified that there is a fine line between self-love, self-objectification and self-exaltation.

The two also tackled body positivity and explained that it's more than it's not about what other people think about your size or what you put in your body. Body positivity is not based on the mentality that you can stuff yourself sick because that's what makes you happy—it's about pursuing wellness and nourishing your body inside and out.

#LiveYoung by Bret Maverick

New to vlogging (and admittedly newer still to motivational speaking,) Canadian native Bret Maverick shared his two cents on what it actually means to live young. He emphasized on the imoprtance of following your dreams and explained that once you put your heart into something, your success is definite.

However, more than chasing our dreams, we also must learn to chase our fears. Avoiding everything you're afraid of is a safe way to go, but you aren't living unless you face your greatest fears. In fact, you might even surprise yourself of what you're capable of once it's all said and done!

#LoveHard by Joyce Pring

The angelic voice with the face and personality to match that we all know and love graced the students of TIP by talking about her take on love. To Joyce Pring, there are only three kinds of love—the love you give yourself, the love you give others, and God's love.

While Joyce explained that loving yourself is just as important as loving other people, it was obvious that of the three kinds of love she talked about, she valued God's love the most. And to end her talk, she shared a beautiful personal quote: "Everything else in life must pass—from the most beautiful to the most painful. And so, we must hold on to what is eternal and look at all else with a courageous sense of adventure while it lasts."


Were you able to catch the #ChalkCampusTour2018 in TIP? Which school should we visit next? Make sure to give us a shoutout!

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