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In Focus: #GirlsSupportGirls–Simple Ways To Lift Each Other Up

In Focus: #GirlsSupportGirls–Simple Ways To Lift Each Other Up


By Zoe Eluekezi
Chalk Campus Correspondent

You've probably heard the saying that goes, "Strong women lift each other up." This is especially true since we live in a world full of competition and tearing down. You'll agree with us that it takes a real and strong lady, one who is confident of who she is,  to encourage, support, and empower another, rather than go with the norm of condemning, envying, and trying to be like someone else.

If you're all for #GirlsSupportGirls, here are a few easy ways to show that you got yo girls' back!

1. Stop the gossip. Girls love to talk, and there is no problem with that until the conversation starts taking another turn. There is absolutely no need to bash or even listen to someone else talk bad about another girl. When the conversation starts going that way, the right thing to do is to change the subject or walk away. If you really care about the girl in question, you will go directly to her and genuinely render her your advice, but if you can't do that, then just drink your tea and mind your business. Remember that gossip is harmful and can destroy a person's self-confidence. What you want to do is lift others up not tear them down.


2. Give compliments. Girls feel empowered when they are confident. A simple "Your hair looks nice today" or "You did a great job at work" can go a long way in boosting confidence especially when it's coming from a girl like you, because it rarely happens! There's nothing to lose so shower your girls with praises whenever you can!

3. Give words of encouragement. Aside from compliments, if you ever notice or find out that another girl is going through a hard time, it might seem proper to mind your business. But the right thing to do is meet her and drop some words of encouragement reminding her of her worth and capabilities. It doesn't have to be long, just a simple sentence like "I know you've got this" or "You'll get through this" will do the trick.

6. Lend your ears. Some people just love it when others listen to their dreams, ideas, or even challenges. You may not say anything much, but the fact that you took out time to sit and listen to them talk is a great show of support. 

5. Share your experiences. Take the time to genuinely share your experiences, challenges, and victories with other girls and learn from each other. You'll never know who's also going through the same situation. It will help them to understabnd that they are not alone in this–you did it, they can, too!

It is our duty to lift up other young ladies, and the best way to do that is leading by example. Be real, honest, kind, and understanding. We girls should always stick together!

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