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In Focus: How To Exude #GirlBoss Vibes This March According To Your Horoscope

In Focus: How To Exude #GirlBoss Vibes This March According To Your Horoscope



By Sitti of Stars

Who run the world?


If Queen B says so herself, then who are we to argue, right? In celebration of National Women's Month, we’re dedicating our readings to the real stars of the world: the Beyonces, the Meghan Markles, the Angelica Panganibans, and every strong woman who takes nothing less of what they deserve and makes their mark by being exactly who they are. 

We know y'all are independent and don't need anyone to tell you what to do. But, if you want a little guidance from the stars, then check out your sign's horoscope for a friendly boost of #GirlBoss vibes!


You’re feeling a bit on the vulnerable side, and you’re looking to other people to remedy that. But, you know what? The direction you should be looking at is straight—into the mirror, that is. You don’t need anyone else to tell you that you’re doing great, gurl! Look at all that you’ve accomplished in your life, both big and small victories. It’s enough to make you proud and tell yourself that you can do more. It’s not bragging, it’s motivation. Don’t be ashamed of the things that you’ve gone through. You’ll only get stronger and better for it!


You’re on top of the world this month, Pisces! You’ve never felt as energized or pumped to be where you are and you’re loving it. Whether you’re climbing up the career ladder or the mountains while taking a break, don’t doubt that you’re meant to be at the exact place, in that exact moment. Even though your love life might feel a little on the challenging side these days, just remember that leveling-up requires tougher hurdles and opponents. This is just the universe telling you to get ready for the next phase.


All the signs point to "Yes!" If you’ve been looking for the perfect sign to buy those shoes, to book that ticket, or to go on that date with the cute guy who’s been flirting with you, consider this your green light. You’re ready for your next adventure, and the universe is making sure you don’t miss out! No hesitations, no doubts–you deserve the great things coming your way! Everything you need to be awesome, you’ve already got. You only need confidence to get you where you want to be.


You shouldn’t settle for Mr. Right just because you’re feeling a little lonely and a lot bored. Lowering your standards is not the solution. You won’t find what you’re truly looking for if you keep settling, Taurus. It’s like getting a sad donut when what you really want is a bagel with ham and cream cheese! See how different that’s going to be? It’s the same with your love life. If you don’t learn to wait or go after what your heart truly desires, you’re going to end up with a donut—equally fattening, but not at all satisfying.


Is it that time of the month now or are you really just exercising your right to be bratty? Either way, you might not succeed in getting your way by being unreasonably whiny. Learn to curb your irritation. What you’re aiming to accomplish needs a little more finesse and careful manipulation. It can’t be done by throwing tantrums. You will benefit more from being patient for the right time to strike.


Be sure to keep your phone charged, and your heart open as you’ll be receiving an important call or text in the very, very near future! It could be a callback from that company you applied to or that cutie you’ve been dreaming about. Whoever’s going to come a-knocking should definitely be answered! Don’t do it so eagerly though, as you might give too much away. Just stay calm, focused, and the right amount of excited! Your life is about to change, and we're pretty sure you're all set for it.


When arguments start heating up between you and your honey, it’s best that you take a step back and assess the situation. There’s something you’re not seeing that needs to be seen. It may not be your fault, but you could be making a bigger deal of it than you should. Yes, we all know that you can be right most of the time, but try to stop yourself from saying another word and see it from his side this time around.


A woman’s intuition is a mysterious thing—but also true and quite accurate! If you’re sensing something fishy going on with your significant other or your new workmate, then it might be worth addressing. I’m not talking about hiring a private investigator or doing something equally sleuth-y like making a different Facebook profile or looking for gossip. When was the last time you just sat down and talked your issues out with another person? Maybe an honest talk is all that’s needed in this situation.


Use your feisty energy to fight battles you can win instead of things that really aren’t worth your time to begin with. Your cleverness is something most women admire while some fear. Don’t get cocky and use your skills to spread the goodness around you. There is so much you can do for those who need help (or even those who seem to not want any.) Listen carefully to friends as they may be searching for answers to their problems, which you might have.


Learning a new skill or experiencing something for the first time should always be part of every woman’s to-do list. You’ll have a chance to partake in a once-in-a-lifetime event, so don’t chicken out and let your fear take over. Just. Say. YES. Saying yes will get you to more places, to meet new people, and to generally live a little fuller. You know your heart wants it. What are you waiting for?


You’re one step closer to your dreams! Remember what you wanted to be as a little girl? Well, you’re growing up to do just that and you should really be proud, Sag! Not everyone gets to live their dreams, and you just might be one of the chosen few. At this point in your life, ask yourself "What else do I want to achieve?" Chances are, you’re bound to run into opportunities that will pave the way for you to go after your them. Start goal diggin', gurl!


If you find yourself out of a relationship or still single, don’t even worry about it. There’s so much more to your life than just constantly seeking someone to be in a relationship with or keep you from being lonely. It's time to press pause on those sappy chick flicks you've been binge-watching and quit the daydreams about your past lover. Life is so much bigger than you think! Go out there and explore as much of it as you can, while you can. It won’t always be that way so best to make the most out of all the time and energy you have now.


Hopefully, the stars inspired you to be the powerful femme that you're born to be. Enjoy your month, babe!

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