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In Focus: 6 Things You Can Relate To If You’re In Love With The Beach

In Focus: 6 Things You Can Relate To If You’re In Love With The Beach

The cold months are almost up and it’s time to say hello again to the summer breeze. Welcoming the warmest season of the year complete with our sunnies on just makes us all excited to have fun in the sun.

One sure way to beat the heat is hitting the beach. With all that "salt in the air and sand in our hair" experience, it’s what almost everyone looks forward to during this time of the year. And for those of us who frequently do and just can’t seem to get enough of the ocean, here are some things we can all relate to:

1. We have *almost* permanent tan lines.
Whether it’s swimming, snorkeling, or just beach bumming, the sun exposure on our skin while enjoying the sea and other water activities certainly leaves a mark after our complexion goes darker–thanks to our swim suits that always give us those tan lines after each trip to the beach.

2. We own a lot of pairs of bikini. Admit it, most of us want to wear a different bikini pair for each of our beach adventures! With all the cute styles available in various colors at very affordable prices, it’s really no surprise for people like us to own a dozen pairs or even more. Yup, it’s our kind of #OOTD!

3. We’ve been to the most beautiful beaches in the country. We live in an archipelagic country which also means we are blessed with thousands of islands. And considering our love for water, visiting the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines during vacation has always been on top of our list, ticking off one destination after another. So where do we go next?

4. We’re 50 shades darker. Every time we go to the beach, especially doing it a little too often, surely has its effects on our skin. We literally become shades darker after having too much fun in the sun. And though we sometimes miss our color before, we can all agree that having that sun-kissed glow surely isn't bad at all!

5. We’ve become friends with the locals. Discovering new destinations also gives us the chance to meet and interact with friendly locals within that area. And with those extra chill vibes we all get while we relax by the beach, it’s no wonder how becoming friends with the residents is just like a piece of cake.

6. We always daydream about our next beach trip. The moment we get back to the city, we automatically think about when our next adventure will be–we love the beach so much that we just want to stay there forever! But because we're restricted by school or work days, we don’t have much choice but to patiently wait for our next beach holiday.

The ocean, even just hearing the waves crashing against each other, is absolutely a great therapy for the exhausted millennials who just want to take a break and simply relax. After all, we all know that there’s nothing the beach can’t fix.

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