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The Six Fix: Going For A Classic Chick Magnet Look? Be Inspired By FPJ And His Signature Style!

The Six Fix: Going For A Classic Chick Magnet Look? Be Inspired By FPJ And His Signature Style!

By Nikki Quiambao

Even after his death, the original "Probinsyano" Fernando Poe Jr. remains to be one of the most stylish actors in local showbiz. Many have tried copying his look—that smoldering, James Dean-esque (they're "contemporaries," by the way) vibe that could get any retirada weak in her knees. But alas only Da King himself could pull off the macho, badass, yet clean guise guys this age may come off as pathetic or pompous trying to sport. With his popularity ever growing reinforced by Ang Probinsyano's equally stylish and suave Coco Martin, we tried breaking down what truly made him such an all-time inspo!

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1. Those long sideburns. Who is Da King without his sideburns? It made his face squarer, which of course to us ladies means "manlier."

2. His witty comebacks. Next to his action moves in his films, Da King is also famous for his well-thought-out movie retorts. Almost all his responses were so tweetable and would make you want to apply cold water to that burn!

3. His long-sleeved button-ups. Rolled up long sleeves always make girls swoon. Da King gives it a twist by tucking it in his jeans to preserve the "good cop" part of his image. By keeping it plain and away from big, loud patterns, he fittingly blended in, too, with the commoners.

4. Denim jackets. Leather jackets are synonymous to masculinity, some Western films would attest. But Da King wore these style essentials for virility. Today it remains a male closet staple—everybody has one! Even through fashion, the Filipinos can still relate with Da King!

5. Gentlemanly shyness. His aggression was only directed towards the goons that he fought with. But when it came to women, he folded up like a flower. We always saw ladies going after him, but did you know that Da King never had a kissing scene in his films? Thank you, FPJ for proving that chivalry is not dead.

6. Leather boots. Add to his being a literal kickass, Da King sported leather boots to pair with his denim jackets and button-ups. It’s practical to wear this kind of shoe when you’re always running after bad guys. They give you an edgy look too!

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