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In Focus: Why G-Dragon Will Always Be Our Favorite K-Pop Leader

In Focus: Why G-Dragon Will Always Be Our Favorite K-Pop Leader



There's no surprise that most K-pop idols admire Kwon Ji Yong A.K.A. BIGBANG's leader, the G-DRAGON. A creative genius is an absolute understatement, and his sense of leadership what gave him that spot in the top tier of Korean artists. There's no denying that he's the main source of BIGBANG's everlasting success and brotherhood. He has also put YG as one of the top three agencies in the Korean entertainment industry that even YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk knows that without him, the agency might not be where they are today. 

Last February 27, G-DRAGON has enlisted in the military, assigned at the third infantry division recruit training center in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province. He is set to be discharged on November 26, 2019 which made all of us sad with the fact that the King of K-Pop won't release any eargasmic music for a year and a half! Here, we look back at the moments that prove that he's the best K-pop leader of all time!

1. He's in an iconic boy group, but is also known as a legendary solo artist. 

What most people admire about GD is his ability to be an amazing leader of BIGBANG, and at the same time, an adept solo artist which not many idols are capable of. There has been a lot of members of popular K-pop groups, who, when they released a solo song or album, didn't get the same recognition. It's either you're in an accomplished group, but not so good as a solo artist, or you're in an underrated group, but recognized individually in the field. There's no such thing as perfect, but we can we say, just this one time, that GD is the perfect idol?  


2. He's every member's number one fan. 

One of the reasons why BIGBANG's brotherhood has been one of the most sold friendship in the industry is because of their unwavering support for each other, especially coming from their leader G-DRAGON. He once said in an interview that he feels starstruck whenever he sees his members performing onstage. He has gone to multiple solo activities of members to give support and cheer for them. There was a time when he went to Japan just to attend Daesung's solo concert, and visited Seungri's fansigning event, and even fell in line just to get him to sign the album he brought! Isn't he the sweetest? 


3. His hard work makes him deserving to be the renowned idol that he is now.

Being a leader of a huge boy group is no joke. G-DRAGON had experienced a lot of struggles and issues first before BIGBANG became the successful group that they are now, including the fact that GD did a lot of dirty work when he was just starting. For one year, all he did was clean, moping the floor, wipe mirrors with newspaper, and clean the food his sunbaes ate. When they debuted, the group was criticized for their lack of appeal when it comes to looks and style of music. It was only when GD's self-composed supposed solo song was released as BIGBANG's single that made his group well-known. There's no doubt that GD's hard work paid off! 


4. His dedication to be the best leader is inspiring. 

G-DRAGON is the representation of our desire to be known for our passion. His journey is simply inspiring not just for his fans, but also for all of the people who know him personally. His unquestionable charisma is one of the main reasons why BIGBANG turns heads and captures hearts wherever they go. His members and fans are surprised by this because GD is shy offstage. But when he's with his group performing onstage, his commanding energy just brings out the best in eveyrone. His unwavering dedication to BIGBANG is something that his members boast about him!

There's no doubt that everyone's going to miss G-Dragon, but with all his incredible songs and performances to look back to while we wait, we bet it won't feel that long.

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