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In Focus: Millennial Myths As Debunked By Millennials

In Focus: Millennial Myths As Debunked By Millennials

By Shi Abella-Cifra

These days, millennials are often the center of scrutiny. Peeved by their so-called immaturity, self-obsession, lack of regard for others (believe us, the list goes on), some people would even go as far as saying that these kids have it coming. But do they, really? Let’s find out the truth behind some of the most common millennial myths, as told by millennials themselves!

1. Myth: “Millennials are so immature.”
Truth: “Our maturity cannot be measured through our interests alone.” 

Ralph Cifra, Art Director and Hobbyist.

Ralph understands that the world expects him to focus on “grown-up” matters. But he still believes that life isn’t just about our careers. He’s convinced that pursuing one’s passions, no matter how frivolous, can lead to a more meaningful life. “Old school na yung belief na all you’ll ever need in life is a stable job. Mas maganda kung may hobby kang tutulong din sa ’yo mag-grow.” His toy customization hobby has now become a source of savings for his wedding and his future home. 

2. Myth: “Millennials like to waste time.“
Truth: “We make time for the things that give us a deeper sense of meaning.” 

Ralph is also used to being criticized for wasting his precious time on “unimportant” things. Instead of letting it get to him, he reminds himself, “Iba-iba lang tayo ng concept ng oras.” He claims that finishing his projects gives him a great sense of accomplishment because it contributes to his growth as an artist and as an employee. “Double win eh, kaya ‘di talaga ako nanghihinayang sa iginugugol kong oras sa pag-gawa ng projects.”

3. Myth: “Millennials are a bunch of social media show-offs.”
Truth: “We use social media to highlight the good things about life.”

Rod Acuzar, Senior Art Director & Traveler.

To others, Rod’s magazine-like posts give off the impression that he’s showing off his 100% worry-free life. “People think that my life is pure fun just because I post happy and adventurous things on my social media accounts.” But it’s simply not the case. To him, sharing beautiful, candid moments from his own life is proof that millennials are just appreciative of the things that bring them joy.

4. Myth: “Millennials believe that social media is life.”
Truth: “We only use social media as an outlet for expression.”

Despite being digitally savvy, Rod knows that it’s not good to live life online. “Social media, for me, is just a medium where you can express yourself and share good experiences. It stops at that because on the flip side, it can become competitive and narcissistic.” He is certain that Likes and comments can never replace genuine interactions.

5.) Myth: “Millennials don’t take work seriously.”
Truth: “We just like to have fun at work!”

Zie Reyes, 2D Game Artist & Biker.

Older generations find it difficult to trust young people because they seem incapable of taking their jobs seriously. That’s not the case for 2D game artist and biker, Zie. “I have a game art job and I’m happy with it! I’ve been working for my company for around five years now,” she shares. Apart from working hard to maintain her current career, Zie raises the bar higher by turning one of her passions into a booming business. “Now I’ve got a bike shop with the help of my partner and my brother who is my supplier.”

6. Myth: “Millennials only care about themselves."
Truth: “We do pay attention to our own needs so we may effectively care for others, too.”

Zie also fears that her determination and focus can easily be mistaken as selfishness. “Sometimes I worry that people may think that I’m a snob, or, mataas ang ere ko,” she says. Especially when she says no to “free art” requests from other people. “I worked hard for everything. I got to a certain skill level by staying up late and working on it,” she humbly states. “I try to help others whenever I can, but most of the time, I take care of my family first.”

7. Myth: “Millennials don’t care about their health.”
Truth: “We value our health so we can do more and be more.”

Often, others think that these millennials might be pushing themselves a little too hard, or that they’re too “YOLO” for their own good. But these three are ready to put those worries to rest. “Di ako pabaya sa bone health ko. May history ako ng scoliosis, kaya dapat palagi akong umiinom ng gatas,” Ralph states.

“Having a sound mind and body allows me to fulfill my passions and change people’s perceptions about me as an individual,” Rod agrees. That’s why he works out regularly and paddles for the Philippine Seahawks.  

Same goes for Zie. “I wake up at 5:00 AM every day and walk or run at least 6 km or 10,000 steps. I cycle and even swim occasionally. I also try to eat healthier! With all my systems working efficiently, I can prove my truths.”

This growing appreciation for good health is a great sign that young people are committed to do more and be more. They are now realizing that to pursue their passions, they need to stay on top of their game—and they can achieve all that with good nutrition, proper exercise, and milk like Anlene. Now fortified with MOVEMAX, Anlene has a unique mix of essential nutrients that takes care for your bones, joints and muscles. This milk can help power millennials like Ralph, Rod, and Zie as they strive to reach their dreams.

It’s not every day that we get an insightful peek into the lives of millennials.  True, they’re guilty of living their lives differently. But love it or hate it, you have to admit that it’s what naturally draws us to them. 

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Photographs from Ralph Cifra, Rod Acuzar, and Zie Reyes 




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