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In Focus: Turn-Offs When You're Getting To Know Someone Online

In Focus: Turn-Offs When You're Getting To Know Someone Online



As time goes by, there have been many changes that happened in our ways of living, and dating is no exception to that. Though we still prefer personally meeting a potential partner, we can't deny that online dating has been a huge thing. With apps such as Tinder and Bumble, meeting and getting to know someone is as easy as swiping right.

But just because you two aren't speaking in person (at least not yet,) it doesn't mean that you can easily hide behind your username. If you want to form a real connection, then you've got to make sure that the conversations you're having are worth that person's time. You should definitely make a good impression if you want to score a real-life date!

Here, we listed the major turn-offs for girls and guys when it comes to getting to know someone online. Make sure to keep these in mind to make the most out of your virtual dating experience!

1. When your convos are all about them...

That "Me, Myself, and I" attitude is not attractive and will never be attractive to anyone. Yes, you do want to get to know someone better; and one key to find out someone's likes and dislikes is with stories. But sometimes, their life stories turn into your whole day's conversation. You want to share things about yourself, too, but they always find a way to revolve the topic around them. 


2. When they ask close-ended questions and give short replies...

When you ask them about their day and they just reply with a simple "It's okay," or when they ask you about super basic questions as if you're filling a slambook up, then the conversation just ends there. You're here to build a good relationship with someone that's why you want to get to know the person more, but can't seem so because they always end it with close-ended answers. 

3. When they're only interested in hookups...

Honestly, it's okay if they already made it clear to you that they're only looking for a hookup and nothing any more serious. At least, you'll have a chance to turn it down quickly if ever you want something more than that. What's annoying is spending time and effort getting to know them only to find out that they're not really genuinely interested in you and only looking for someone to mess around with. Just a waste for both of you, right? 

4. When they're getting too serious too soon...

We get it that online dating can also lead to a serious relationship, but if you two are still in the getting-to-know stage, it can get pretty scary. Especially when they act like a possessive partner when you've only been talking for a week. You want to assess each other's personality first to see if you're compatible, but they seem to be going way ahead of themselves! Not only does it overwhelm you, but it also gives you pressure to open up immediately which is definitely not that easy to do.


5. When they're flaky...

People who cancel plans at the last minute is probably one of the things that makes every date very stressful. You plan your first date or next meetup multiple times, and they keep on postponing it for some bizarre reason like "I can't go because I woke up late," or "The traffic is the worst today." No one ever wants to feel like they are only an option or something temporary. We would rather have you tell us that you're not interested to meet us rather than keep making excuses.

6. When they never ask to meet in person...

Just because you met each other online, it doesn't mean it should remain that way! We tend to forget the importance of talking face-to-face. You'll know that someone is genuinely interested in you if they want to meet you in person, and you're more than just a swipe right or a "Good morning" text.


What else raises red flags when you're getting to know someone online? Let us know in the comments below!

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