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Cheat Sheet: 6 Simple Tips To Go Through Your Morning Routine Faster

Cheat Sheet: 6 Simple Tips To Go Through Your Morning Routine Faster



For some of us, getting ready for work or school surely eats up a good portion of our mornings, considering the travel time on our way to wherever we needed to be. It’s definitely not easy getting up early and becoming a morning person, but, really, what choice do we have? No matter how much we love our beds, we must let them go and start moving. However, there’s something we can still do about it. If you can't help but sneak those extra minutes of sleep in, then here are six ways to cut your morning prep time down.

1. Don’t hit on the snooze too much. We’ve all been thankful for this option since it extends our sleeping time a little bit. But if we cut it down from five snoozes in the morning to three, or better yet to none, we can get up a few minutes earlier and start prepping for the busy day ahead. It won’t only save us time, but also save us from the trap of oversleeping.

2. Limit your bath time to at least 10 mins. Admit it, most of us enjoy singing or even being alone with our thoughts while in the bathroom, other than actually taking a shower of course. Sure, your bath time can be  a form of relaxation. But with our busier sched on weekdays, why not save the singing and daydreaming on the weekends instead? You can stay as long as you want, worry-free! But on school or work days, make sure you're as hasty as you can!

3. Prepare and organize your stuff the night before. Fixing and checking the things you need for the day before leaving the house is a must, if we don’t want to miss something and be in a mess. However, this also takes time. And if we plan on saving some, do it in advance before your bedtime, so we’ll be all set in the morning and ready to go!

4. Invest on clothes that are easy to mix n’ match. “I don’t have nothing to wear!” is a common struggle every one of us faces in the morning, despite all the clothes we have in the closet, which can be time-consuming. But hey, we can deal with this by investing on clothes that are easy to pair, which lets us choose in a breeze. Yay to OOTD planning ahead of time!

5. Keep your makeup simple. Being all dolled up a little more would surely require our extra time in the morning–from the base, to the eyes, cheeks, and lips, this can surely slow our prep time down. But keeping our makeup routines simple and coming up with a staple, everyday look, would save us a few minutes of our mornings.

6. Grab a quick bite at home. Starting your day right sometimes means eating breakfast, the most important meal of the day. And if you’re on a hurry, grabbing a quick bite at home such as cereals or overnight oats will do the trick. Just don't forget to bring something to munch on during your morning break in the office or in school. Because seriously, who wants to feel hungry?

We should start getting used to managing our time in the morning wisely–it doesn’t just help us in keeping things organized, but it also saves us from the hassle of being in a hurry. Cheers to the beginning of a productive day ahead!

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