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Extrovert-Introvert Relationships Actually Work, And Here Are 3 Reasons Why

Extrovert-Introvert Relationships Actually Work, And Here Are 3 Reasons Why



By Hershey Neri


Contrary to what some people may think, introvert-extrovert relationships can actually work! So if you find yourself in this situation—don’t worry. There’s a reason why salt and pepper go well together! Below are three reasons why (and how) this kind of relationship works:


1. You and your partner complement each other!

Ever heard of the saying, “opposites attract”? When you’re in an extrovert-introvert relationship, chances are that you will complement each other! That makes you a great team, because your weaknesses are their strengths, and vice versa.


2. You will learn a lot from each other.

On that note, you will learn to adapt to each other. In my case with my boyfriend, I learned how to act more maturely when dealing with pressure, while he learned to loosen up and live a little. When we’re together, we’re a perfect mix of both.

You will also learn to be more patient and understanding towards each other. There are nights when your partner wouldn’t want to go out, but you shouldn’t take that personally. Introverts regain their energy by spending time on their own! Remember: for as long as you manage your expectations of each other, you and your partner can have a healthy relationship!


3. You experience the best of both worlds!

There are some weekends made for Netflix and a box of pizza, and there are Saturday evenings perfect for bar-hopping in Poblacion with a dozen other folks.

After all, relationships are all about overcoming your differences—and being comfortable growing together. When you two accept each other fully, without drastically changing yourself, then that, is compatibility.


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