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#ChalkChallenge: We Went Ukay-Ukay Shopping With IV Of Spades!

#ChalkChallenge: We Went Ukay-Ukay Shopping With IV Of Spades!



If you haven't heard of the young homegrown act IV of Spades yet, then it's high time that you do. This four-piece band is currently leading the pack of rising local artists with their nostalgia-inducing, groove-charged sound that is sure to get you hooked in no time!

Composed of Unique Salonga on vocals, Blaster Silonga on guitars, Zild Benitez on bass, and Badjao de Castro on drums (yup, those are their real names,) IV of Spades has gotten a surge of fan following since hitting everyone's radar last year. And if you're a fan yourself, you're well aware of their strong retro-inspired aesthetics that add to their overall appeal as a band.


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So, for our latest installment of #ChalkChallenge, we thought it would be fun to take these stylish boys to a thrifting sesh, and, as expected, we proved our theory right that they are the ultimate ukay-ukay buddies! Watch our exculsive video to see their on-point ukay picks!


Which homegrown act do you want to see featured on next? Give us a shoutout below! 

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