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Cheat Sheet: Gretchen Ho Looks Back On How She Got Through Her 'Ugly Duckling' Days

Cheat Sheet: Gretchen Ho Looks Back On How She Got Through Her 'Ugly Duckling' Days

When asked for advice for her 18-year-old self, journalist and celebrity athlete Gretchen Ho gave a powerful response. “Inner beauty manifests,” she said at the recently held #SecretsRevealedWithCarefreexLayBare event, revealing how like any teenager she would engage in negative self-talk back in college. Yes, she had her share of insecurities, too. “Feeling ko ang pangit ko,” she continued, “I had acne and I was like ‘Okay lang, mabait naman akong tao.’”

It was until Gretchen graduated that she realized to turn things around. Little by little, she proved how taking care of your outer self could do wonders to the inner, too. This, plus how the way she'd deal with people. How did she do it? These were her surefire confidence-boosting beauty tips at the talk!

Get a good sleep. Gretchen wakes up at 3 AM for a 5 AM show, which she tapes on location in different parts of the metro. She makes sure she gets enough shut-eye the night before, as otherwise could keep her from performing well and looking fresh throughout the day.

Eyes on your hygiene. “If there is one thing I’m super sensitive about, it’s my hygiene,” Gretchen stressed. Since she travels to different places, she always carries a grooming kit that contains tissue, napkins, and cleansing water among others.

Wear panty liners. Speaking of hygiene, Gretchen said it's these that she considers as her secret weapons to feeling fresh and beautiful each day. She brings it everywhere she goes, she pointed out. “Anytime and in any condition, you can wear a panty liner to make sure you feel mabango, clean, and confident.” Did you know that Gretchen's underwear also dictates her mood for the day? “High waist if bloated. Kapag may events, I wear nude and seamless underwear. And when I’m home, I use loose underwear to rest," she pointed out.


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Squeeze a workout into your day. Gretchen recommends opting for a workout you absolutely love doing. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s running, Zumba, or walking. Kahit ano, basta something that would get you physical, make you sweat, and put a smile on your face.” If you are working out for 15 minutes, intensify it a bit and perk yourself up during that workout span, she suggested. Exercise is indeed a part of her daily life now adding to her daily dose of GV! “If you do it every day, it becomes a habit. I make sure I have workout because natatanggal bad vibes!" she exclaimed.

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