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Cheat Sheet: Surefire Tips In Staying THAT Hot At 40 By Ina, Alice, And Sunshine

Cheat Sheet: Surefire Tips In Staying THAT Hot At 40 By Ina, Alice, And Sunshine

By Nikki Quiambao

Clear skin, trim body, and sound mind. We all want these no matter our age. Take it from Ina Raymundo, Alice Dixson, and Sunshine Cruz, all in their 40s—a fact you'd only realize if you asked, or if you've caught their latest campaign together for Century Tuna. We got to pick up the following proven tips and tricks of the sexy trade from these veterans!

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Exercise and endorphins are a must! Exercise is very important in keeping your muscles strong, retaining flexibility, and burning fat and calories. But did you know that there are other benefits? When you exercise, there’s no need for expensive highlighter, as your face can achieve all the shine you want naturally. “Pag nag-e-exercise, parang merong natural glow,” says Sunshine. Alice adds that sweating at least once a day can help clean your pores and detoxify your system. 

What’s more, it also relieves from the busy life you lead! How? By producing endorphins that lower stress levels. Ina is a great example. “Kung hindi ako nag-wo-work out, I’d be crazy,” she confesses. 

Hydrate, hydrate! In a tropic country like ours where it’s always hot and humid, it’s very important to hydrate! The carbohydrates and electrolytes that it contains can boost your energy to help get you through your day. Moreover, dehydration causes dry and flaky skin which makes it prone to wrinkles. Of course, we don’t want that! And neither does Ina. “I drink lots of water para ma-moisturize yung skin,” she shares.

Speaking of skincare, Sunshine advises to “remove your makeup before you sleep, kahit gaano kapagod.” This prevents oil and dirt from building up on our faces. So remember: a glass and a splash of water every day keeps you and your skin happy.

Watch what you eat. Ina reveals that she eats six small meals a day to keep her energy levels stable. She also makes sure to carry snacks so that’s she’s never hungry. The mom of five advises people to lessen the amount of sugar and salt they consume, as they are “enemies of our bodies.”

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Alice, meanwhile, advocates taking supplements. She explains that while we don’t get enough vitamins and minerals from our daily food intake, supplements ensure that we do.

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Photographs from Vyn Radovan and Alice Dixson's Instagram account




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