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Now Showing: The Hot Stuff To Expect On 'Sin Island' (Perhaps, Next To Xian's Pecs)!

Now Showing: The Hot Stuff To Expect On 'Sin Island' (Perhaps, Next To Xian's Pecs)!

Gino Santos’s Sin Island brings sexy back to Philippine cinema. With such a drop-dead gorgeous cast, it had a rollercoaster ride kind of sensation at the theater.  Here are my random thoughts as I watched this erotic thriller.

It starts out with what seems like a wedding prenup slash SDE (same day edit) of David (Xian Lim) and Kanika (Coleen Garcia), and voila! It actually is. Whew. Thank God. I thought the film was gonna look like one Ll throughout. +0

So, David is like a top wedding videographer whose assistant accidentally wets a memory card and corrupts the files of a wedding so the couple sues him for negligence. David’s brother who’s a lawyer advises him to take the 10M plea deal. Wait, what? What alternate reality is this? -10

Anyway, David and Kanika seem like a cute couple and there’s definitely some chemistry there. They’re also given a lot of scenes to highlight their dramatic chops. Seems like Xian and Coleen are taking things to the next level, career-wise that is. Good job, kids! +8


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They’re also taking adulting to a whole new level so much so that they suddenly slip out of David’s birthday dinner to have a quickie at one of the hotel’s hallways with a glass wall, as Kanika unzips and drops her dress to the floor. Pretty kinky. I’m hoping it’s a Versace. Get it? -2

Coleen has surely grown as an actress in this one. Though I was hoping to see more skin on film. (Not that I’m being naughty or something but come on, people see more skin on her IG page than in this erotic film she headlines!) +3

Xian’s pecs, though, on the other hand, seems to have a life of its own, reminding me that I don’t work out hard enough. Fine. Day 1 starts tomorrow! #BalikAlindog +2

Here’s a question for clarification, did Kanika and The Captain (TJ Trinidad) have sex or not? 'Cause she came out of the bathroom with wet hair in what seems to be a hotel room with a Louis Vitton bag as a present from The Cap, lying on the bed saying thanks for tonight. Please elucidate things for me 'cause Kanika’s been denying it to her teeth throughout the film. -1


Sin Island Feb 14 Valentines day!!!

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Then in comes Tasha (Nathalie Hart) with zero inhibitions, laying it all out there, and bring in the camp into the movie. There as sudden change in tone but suddenly everything is much more fun! +4.5

Hart’s characterization of Tasha is that of the typical ‘babaeng bakla,' which completely worked. But then she suddenly switches to having a twang in her English. Is she a schizo or something? I ask. Towards the end, all is justified as we find out that she’s really nuts and bolts up there, which makes all this character switching work for her psycho persona! So fine, let’s embrace this film’s madness. +2

At the sauna when the two ladies are confronted with each other, it suddenly becomes like a scene from No Other Woman. But it leaves you wanting more of this kind 'cause that's all there is to that. No water guns fired or baluts flying in the air. +0.5

If Fifty Shades Freed made use of ice cream, Sin Island has its counterpart via breakfast in bed: Maple syrup. +No points. Just sayin'

A good discussion goes on though about levels of cheating. What could be worse, the emotional or the physical kind? 'Cuase one of her co-flight attendants makes it seem that David sleeping with someone is just harmless philandering while Kanika desiring the Cap, is an emotional kind of adultery. I don’t know what’s gotten into her friend’s brain but that’s pretty messed up. -3

The film is at its best, though, in its moments of campiness especially Tasha’s death scene where she seems like a zombie from 29 Weeks Later charging and screaming, not being able to die no matter how many bullets her body has taken. Of course, she dies with a bullet to the head—Walking Dead style. So much fun! +4


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Total: 8 points!

Sin Island—which apparently refers to Sinilaban Island—works best being just plain campy, which I wish was the chosen tone from start to finish. I admire its producers, though, for risking it with a material like this to break the current monotonous streak of quirky rom-coms ever since the success of Kita Kita. I hope this opens more doors to darker films or more out-of-the-formula storylines. If only for that purpose, Sin Island is a great kick-starter for this movement!

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