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Cheat Sheet: How To Take On Your First Week At Your New Job

Cheat Sheet: How To Take On Your First Week At Your New Job



Before we start this, we just want to say congratulations to the job well done! You're officially in adulthood, where working extra hard and taking responsiblity are mandatory to be able to, well, survive. But seriously, working is more fun than you think. It's like going to a new school, only with a different level of excitement and challenge. As a fresh graduate, you might that think once you get hired, the hard part ends there. When in all honesty, it's just about to start. You're going to reset yourself back to zero–from introducing yourself to everyone to making sure their first impression of you is valuable.

Now, you have to be mindful with your actions. Just because you got the job already, doesn't mean the position is completely yours. On your first week at your new job, you have to prove yourself worthy, and, at the same time, adapt to your new environment. To further help you keep that precious new job of yours, we listed down the things that you should keep in mind!

1. Be optimistic. Let your enthusiasm show by adopting a positive disposition. Smile! This will tell everyone that you're glad to be where you are and that you're excited for this new chapter in your life. Your officemates will surely feel like you're a breath of fresh air!

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You have to understand that on your first week at your new job, things will be different for you. Ask questions about your position, and the people you're going to be surrounded with, so you don't make major mistakes and earn your team's trust. You don't have to pretend to know something you don't when you're in a new environment!

3. Don't underestimate the importance of dressing well. People make their first impression within just ten seconds of seeing you, and they always set their judgment based on your outfit, so make sure you set a great first impression! Dress professionally, even on days you know you're not going to do anything important. You might have a sudden meeting with a client or the CEO might want to meet you. You don't want to look like you're still a college student who just dropped by at the office with your jogging pants and shirt, do you? 

4. Take the initiative, and offer help.  Everyone loves people who volunteerk, and since you want to set a good impression to your new workmates, you would want them to see you as someone they can count on. Sure, there will be down times since your boss and workmates are still trying to adjust to you being there, but don't just sit around and do nothing. We're not telling you to offer help with everything, even the things you have no knowledge of or whatsoever. Just be proactive, not know-it-all. 

5. Be friendly to everyone. Since you're the new employee in the office, don't wait for them to talk to you first. And don't ever turn down an offer to go to lunch with your boss or co-workers because mingling and making friends at work is more important than you think! Take this chance to show them that you're ready to be a part of the team. You don't have to be insanely annoying that you greet everyone, even the people who's busy making emergency work calls. Just be friendly in a way that you make them feel you're approachable. It's not that hard to say "hello" and smile!  

6. Don't compare your job to your internship. If you're used to coming in whatever time you want to or having a lenient supervisor during your OJT, then expect that your actual job requires 10x more effort. You are no longer given "extra" tasks that your supervisor simply couldn't do. You now have a strict job description that you're paid to follow. Basically, this is now the real deal, honey. So, make sure you're giving it your 101%!

7. Always be on time. This is, probably, the most important thing to remember for your first week at your new job. Being late doesn't leave a good impression to anyone, even if it's just a meeting or an "introduce yourself to everyone" kind of day. Believe us, there's nothing that can ruin your character at work more than being late! 

Are you a fresh grad? What #adulting topics do you want to read from us?

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