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Hottie Alert: Why BTS' Jin Deserves The Title 'Worldwide Handsome'

Hottie Alert: Why BTS' Jin Deserves The Title 'Worldwide Handsome'



If you're familiar with the nickname "Worldwide Handsome," then you might be aware as to who it's pertaining to. Hi there, BTS Army! It's none other than, BTS' very own attractive visual and vocalist, Kim Seok-jin! 

Some of you might be curious as to how Jin got this title. Well, it all started when BTS attended the Billboard Music Awards in 2017, and during the group's time to shine on the red carpet, most viewers started tweeting about the "third member from the left," and that handsome member is no other than Jin! Everyone was so curious as to who this handsome member was that it became a trending topic on Twitter. Since then, fans and even Jin himself started the hashtag #WorldwideHandsome.

It has become Jin's very own nickname. If you have other idols in mind who can dethrone him, we're already telling you that you won't find anyone because we listed down the things that prove Jin deserves that title, and no one can take it away from him! 

1. His confidence makes him endearing.

Besides being called "handsome" by fans and other idols,  Jin once said in an interview that it's a self-taught method since he was a little boy where he would look at the mirror after he washes his face and he'd tell himself that "Ohh, I'm so handsome."  One of the most memorable moment when Jin acknowledged his looks was during the KBS Music Festival 2017 where he's an MC with Red Velvet's Irene, EXO's Chanyeol, and TWICE's Sana. A fan screamed "You're so handsome!" when he was talking, to which he paused to reply, "Yes, I am handsome." This made everyone laughed including his co-MCs!

2. His face is the prime example of "golden ratio."

There's no doubt Jin is one of the most handsome idols in K-pop, but it has been scientifically proven that he's not only good-looking. According to a famous foreign plastic surgeon, while examining 269 different faces, Jin's face caught his attention the most because he has the "golden ratio", which is rounded to 1.62 meaning his face is ideal to most people. An example of this golden ratio is Da Vinci's famous work "Virtruvian Man."


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3. He has an "actor face."

Most K-Pop fans describe a good-looking idol as someone who has an "actor/actress face" because for most people, Korean actors/actresses are more attractive than Korean idols. And Jin has already been told that he can be an actor multiple times because of his dashing good looks perfect for a romantic drama!


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4. His personality totally complements his looks.

Jin may be overly confident about his good looks, but he's a total sweetie at heart! Everyone loves his humor especially when he's acting like a narcissist–it just doesn't suit him because his actions only make him look so adorable! He was also described by the members as the fake maknae; he might be the oldest, but he acts more like a kid than the real maknae Jeon Jungkook. He's very protective of his members, and was also described as the "mother" of the group by the way he takes care of them. Nothing can really ruin the existence of Kim Seok-jin, is there? 


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Seriously, is there anyone who thinks Jin is not handsome? He's just too good-looking, it's already unfair to the other members! Do you stan Jin? What do you love most about him? 

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