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In Focus: Why Sadie Sink Is The Perfect Actress To Play 'Kim Possible'

In Focus: Why Sadie Sink Is The Perfect Actress To Play 'Kim Possible'



With Disney's announcement of producing a live-action versionof the cartoon series Kim Possible, we couldn't help the early 2000s flashbacks and, of course, the excitement of seeing our childhood heroine come to life!

Surely, this kind of news didn't come with speculations as to who will play Kim. As for us, there's only one young redhead in our wish list and it's none other than Sadie Sink! Here, we're breaking down the major reasons why Hollywood's newest It-teen is the perfect embodiment of Kim Possible!

1. She's already playing a fearless character in Stranger Things.

If you haven't heard of Sadie before, then you probably haven't watched the fan-favorite Netflix show Stranger Things. Sadie plays the character of Maxine "Max" Mayfield (A.K.A. Mad Max,) a new character in the second season with an adventurous spirit and a tough attitude. Sadie's Max is an exact parallel of the ever-fearless Kim which would make it easier for her to slay this role!


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2. She's the same age as Kim Possible. 

When Kim Possible was released in 2002, Kim was said to be 15 years old. If you didn't know, Sadie is a 2002 baby, meaning she's currently 15 years old and turning 16 this year! Don't you think it's only right to cast someone who's the same age as the character rather than let adult actresses play a teenager? We need realness here!


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3. She has acted on Broadway.

Starring in Broadway shows such as Annie and The Audience, we know that her superb acting skills truly make Sadie deserving of a huge project such as this! 


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4. She's definitely living Kim's motto "I can do anything."

At such a young age, Sadie is determined to give her best in each job she's given. With everything she has achieved at the start of her career, including her big break in Stranger Things and a role in the upcoming horror film Eli, we have no doubt whatsoever that Sadie can do more wonders this 2018. *cough*Kim Possible*cough*

5. Just like Kim, she's definitely #HairGoals!

Aside from Kim's tough personality and heroic acts, she's also known for her long fiery red hair. There's no need to look any further than Sadie when it comes to that matter! Just look at her covetable ginger locks, and you'll be sold.


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Are you excited for the live-action of Kim Possible as we are? Who else do you think would play the role perfectly?

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