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The Six Fix: #Adulting Things We Should All Start Getting Used To

The Six Fix: #Adulting Things We Should All Start Getting Used To

Every individual who’s transitioning from their young, carefree days into the real world also known as adulthood has surely encountered some problems along the way–both periods of our lives are quite different. And because the reality we have now isn’t as friendly as it was when we were younger as we are still undergoing the adjustment period, being an adult certainly requires a lot of effort and patience.

So, for us millennials who are trying our best at adulting, here some common struggles we encounter at one point or another that we need to get used to from here on out:

1. Going to your doctor’s appointment

As we grow older, paying our doctors a regular visit isn’t the thing anymore. The thought of us going to the clinic or hospital alone is surely frightening, and finding out if we’re sick, without mommy or daddy, just makes us really anxious. Seriously, can we just be kids again?


2. Grocery shopping

Remember how fun grocery shopping with our parents was? Going around the whole store aisle per aisle, picking whatever we want out, and of course us not worrying about the payment. But as adults, figuring out which items to buy, deciding which ones go to the needs or wants, considering your budget altogether, can sometimes be a source of headache.

3. Budget planning and actually following it

Being a responsible adult also means knowing how to budget our money wisely–something we don’t really look forward to every month. Pulling out money from our own paychecks, the one we worked hard for, just to make sure we’d have enough to get us through the next two weeks, is probably one of the toughest parts of adulting. Is it payday yet?

4. Finding balance between work and play

Working nine hours a day or more, considering the current traffic situation in our country on weekdays, plus all our other errands, makes our schedule more hectic now. And whenever invites from our friends come our way, we sometimes find ourselves choosing to stay in. Becoming an adult is exhausting, and it pushes us to prioritize rest rather than going out after a long day.

5. Staying fit

One of the hardest parts of being an adult is staying fit. As we get older, not only our metabolism starts slowing down, but we’re also given more responsibilities, which could fully load up our schedules. So squeezing a quick exercise in and opting to keep a healthy lifestyle can be a struggle, as both require dedication and consistency.


6. Getting 8 hours of sleep

With all that’s going on in our adult life, as we try to balance everything to achieve our goals, getting our much-needed eight hours of sleep seems somewhat impossible. And no matter how much we work on managing our time wisely, sometimes it’s still not enough–leaving us with heavy bags under our eyes.


Yup, adulting may not be the easiest thing to do, especially if you’ve just stepped into this reality. And as much as we want to live a smooth adult life, it's all about taking on a new level of responsibility and accepting that challenge.

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