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#ParaKayEx: CarGel And More Celeb Ex-Couples Who Taught Us A Lesson In Love

#ParaKayEx: CarGel And More Celeb Ex-Couples Who Taught Us A Lesson In Love



It is possible to fall in love with other people's relationship, especially when you realize that they're together for all the right reasons. In the realm of showbiz personalities, the story of your fave couple's first kiss gives you life and finding out where they escaped to celebrate the holidays fuels you more than anything. It's amazing how shipping can be just as thrilling as falling in love yourself.

Being in love with the idea of them also comes with the risk of heartbreak when they finally split. After all, their breakup can be just as painful to you as your own. But the good thing is that we learn and grow after all that hurt, right? So, from #CarGel (who's still giving us hope) to Heart and Echo, here are the biggest breakups in the celebrity sphere that taught us that, yes, moving on is definitely possible!

1. Angelica Panganiban & Carlo Aquino


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We all love stories of #TOTGAs and childhood sweethearts getting back together after many long years. So, when a video of Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino meeting by chance inside a dressing room went viral, it wasn't long before everyone speculated the two getting back together. Apparently, Carlo even gave Angelica a bouquet of white roses for Valentine's Day!

Whether they are actually getting back together or not, we're all just glad to see that these two are in great terms after all these years! No bitterness over here!

2. Robi Domingo & Gretchen Ho


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It's amazing how Robi and Gretchen can still be pegged as #relationshipgoals even after they broke up. Hands down to this amazing couple who had been self-aware enough to discuss the possibility of breaking up during their relationship and mature enough to let each other go with nothing but kind words and well wishes for one another. Lesson learned: just because a relationship ended, it doesn't mean it's a failed one!

3. Erich Gonzales & Daniel Matsunaga

For two years, Be My Lady lead actors Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga seemed to be at an all-time high. So, when the two co-stars and real-life lovers decided to call it quits, you could only imagine the pain for the fans who honestly hoped that the two would last forever. But the one thing that we got out of their breakup is that self-love and inner growth are the ultimate key to getting back on your feet after experiencing a downfall such as this. Here's to the palaban!

4. Tommy Esguerra & Miho Nishida


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There's no use in forcing something that was never meant to be in the first place. We loved Tommy and Miho together and it was heartbreaking that we only got to see so much of them together, but it broke us even more when they both admitted to realizing they were just too different to make it work. Nontheless, the former PBB housemates seem to have nothing but best wishes for one another as they went separate ways.

5. Kim Chiu & Gerald Anderson


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The history of this relationship can be traced back to Pinoy Big Brother where they first began sending sparks all over the place. After their time in the Big Brother House, these two became an unstoppable phenomenon, taking over every media platform with the authenticity of their chemistry. Lucky for us, our Kimerald hearts have been blessed when reunited in the drama Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin last year, proving that you can certainly work with your ex even after your painful past. Move on, move on din!

6. Jericho Rosales & Heart Evangelista


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These two are the very definition of the phrase "match made in heaven." Both Heart and Jericho are two of the most beautiful faces and phenomenal actors in the country, so to say that we were all heartbroken to see the two of them part ways is an understatement. Nontheless, we're all just glad that these two are very happy with the life they have now. Both ended up in beautiful marriages and have remained close friends. #ExGoals right there!

Moving on is a must when you've outgrown a relationship. But if you need a little help to find closure you're looking for, then grab a copy of Beau Ang's Para Kay Ex. May we all learn from past heartaches and allow our hearts to heal this 2018! 'Wag bitter!

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