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The Six Fix: Paycheck-Friendly Ways to Bond With Your Bestie This Long Weekend

The Six Fix: Paycheck-Friendly Ways to Bond With Your Bestie This Long Weekend



Another long weekend is coming up and we all couldn’t be more thankful for an extra day off. We’re pretty sure you’ve already made plans with your family, significant other, and or even your bestie, the moment the holiday was declared to go someplace else or just stay in together.

And if you’re opting for an ultimate bonding experience with your bestie, there are surely tons of activities you can choose from. But if you’re worrying about budget, we have some good news for you: you and your bestie can still spend quality time together without spending too much! Here are some suggestions for you and your BFF this coming long weekend:

1. Learn a new recipe. Instead of eating out, why not go to the grocery together and shop for ingredients of a new recipe? It’s not only budget-friendly, but it surely is a fun adulting thing to do, too!

2. Play dress up. Another interesting thing to do while choosing to stay in is playing dress up just like when you were kids. You and your bestie setup a mini fashion shoot, while experimenting with new and cool outfit combinations and trying out different beauty looks! Instant #aesthetics profile pic right there.

3. Binge-watch your favorite shows. Fairly pick and make a choice of the TV series and movies you both want to watch. Whether it's a throwback film that reminds you of your childhood or a new K-drama you've been itching to catch, there's nothing cozier than snuggling up with your BFF! With all the feels, together, you can either laugh it off, cry it out, or just get kilig this weekend!

4. Work out together. Remember how our resolutions every beginning of every year includes getting healthier and fitter? And yes, it doesn’t seem so easy to do some exercises and sweating it out. But hey, with your bestie by your side, you’ll start moving that body around in no time. So, if you haven’t started yet, this long weekend might be the perfect time to do so! Just think of that summer getaway you've planned together for extra motivation!

5. Have a DIY pamper sesh. Going to the spa may seem to be the most relaxing thing to do over the weekend. But if you’re planning to save some money, you and your bestie can organize a DIY pamper sesh. Whether you want to want your nails done or do a whole 10-step skincare routine, bring out all your essentials and feel beautiful from the inside out!

6. Go for a walk in the park. Do you remember the last time you went to a park? With all the blue screens that are on our faces every day, hanging out in the park just doesn’t seem to be the thing nowadays. This coming long weekend could be the chance for you to just enjoy the beauty of outdoors with your bestie – just like the old times, eh? Prepare a picnic basket and bring your fave books for a chill daytime date!

And because it’s the bestie you’ll be with, you’ll never run out of ideas in making the most out of the long weekend, even with limited budget. After all, having fun is all about the person you're with!

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