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The Six Fix: Perks Of Being Single On Valentine’s Day

The Six Fix: Perks Of Being Single On Valentine’s Day



It’s February again a.k.a. the month of love. The world would yet again be celebrating Valentine’s day, a special occasion which many people look forward to and get super giddy about–when almost everything is in red and hearts, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts are all over the place.

For some, Valentine’s is only celebrated by those who have someone to share this with and not really for the single ones. But hey, looking on the bright side, being single during this time of the year has its perks. If you don't have a date, don't fret because these pros will make you feel better!

1. You don’t need to plan something special for someone. Not having someone special on this day means you don’t need to worry about thinking of whatever romantic gesture to pull off on this day. Instead, you can just plan something special for yourself and enjoy this day as much as couples would because why not, right?

2. You save extra money. We all know that special occasions like this involve spending, no matter how little or grand it is, considering all the going out on dates and gift-giving. Just imagine how much money you’d save if you’re single during Valentine’s–chachiiiing!

3. You don’t have to deal with horrendous traffic. Valentine’s falls on the 14th of the month which is also pay day for some. This is certainly not a great combo on a weekday, with everyone going out to celebrate means horrendous traffic on the streets. So yeah, sometimes being single a.k.a. staying in during Valentine’s is a blessing in disguise.

4. You can have a pamper sesh that's even more exciting than any nightout. Who says you can't celebrate V-day on your own? And the best way to do so is spoiling yourself with a trip to the spa or a D.I.Y. pamper sesh at home. So go ahead and buy yourself a bottle of bubbly and light scented candles because romance can be felt even if you're by yourself. After all, we can all agree that self-love is the best kind of love we will ever receive!

5. You can sleep early. Heading straight home after a long day at work during Valentine’s is the most common thing single people do. And being home early means you’ll have more time to catch up on those Z’s. What better way to spend this day other than cozying up in your own bed, right?

6. You get to celebrate it with your family. The best thing about being single on this occasion is spending it with your family, your constant date since your first ever Valentine’s–giving you all the chance to catch up and just cherish your moment together.

Yes, it may sound not so appealing to be single on the 14th of February. But looking at it with a positive lens, Valentine’s Day, even if you’re single, ain’t so bad after all! 

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