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JC De Vera Gets Hotter with Online Fitness Videos

JC De Vera Gets Hotter with Online Fitness Videos

At the opening of October, actor and TV-hottie JC De Vera releases his YouTube Channel and launches two teasers and one episode. The first teaser shows off his hot body and more importantly his strong upper body strength as he smashes the tire. As teasers or YouTube trailers are--the video and the channel itself looks promising.


Jump on to the first episode, we see JC doing warm-ups in an awesome Capt. America workout outfit. The video pans left and right, swishes around and around which kinda makes it dull after seconds and seconds of it being done over and over again. Not to mention there's a timer at the left bottom we aren't sure what for. Most workout videos have these timers to set how much time a person must do a specific workout and to gauge the whole time the program has been done. But JC does not send out an explanation or tips through out the video. He just does them.


He takes off his shirt at the end of the video. So I guess that's a plus.


If you are after knowing the whole routine, trying to be as awesome as JC, prepare a pen and paper and watch the whole video with jumps and pauses on the video tracker. If you just want to lavish at the shredded bod and hotness of JC, by all means press play and watch the whole thing and repeat as much as you want. Either way, its nice to see a hot man strutting his stuff while you just get to sit back and relax. 


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